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Our top selling Dressage bits. Whether its more connection, a fussy mouth, more lift or just replacing your old training snaffle we can help you find the perfect bit for your horse! We can help you select the right bit for your horse, call us on (08) 8388 8472 or email.


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9011 Neue Schule Verbindend Snaffle Bit

Neue Schule Verbindend 9011

About the Bit A softness and lift you can truly feel!  The Neue Schule Verbindend is one of our miracle bits for helping horses who are heavy on the forehand, resistant to the aids or getting the tongue over the bit without severity as a side...
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Myler MB02 Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle

Myler MB02 Comfort Snaffle (Level 1)

Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure- working mostly off the tongue...
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Bomber Loose Ring Happy Tongue

The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth. The Happy Tongue is a solid mouth piece. It is curved and ported to give tongue relief. The...
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Sprenger Dynamic Eggbutt Snaffle 40414

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt

Stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily.- The uniquely curved mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew, salivate and relax the jaw.- The eggbutt cheek...
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Neue Schule Turtle Top Snaffle 70mm ring

About the BitIs your horse inconsistent in the contact, chomping or chewing on the bit or tossing its head? The Turtle Top is here to answer your prayers! The Turtle Top which is inspired by the shell of the box turtle, prevents downward pressure to the...
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9009 Neue Schule Team Up Snaffle bit

Neue Schule Team Up Snaffle 9009

Develop the partnership with this gentle all purpose snaffle bit! - Ergonomically curved, guaranteeing a very even, gentle weight distribution.  Aligns itself under the upper palate and encompasses the tongue. - Recommended for fussy, overactive...
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Neue Schule Turtle Top Eggbutt 7023E

About the BitIs your horse inconsistent in the contact, chomping or chewing on the bit or tossing its head? Are you a less experienced rider wanting a soft and kind bit for your horse? The Turtle Top is here to answer your prayers! The Turtle Top...
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8023 Neue Schule Loose Ring Tranz Angled Snaffle

Neue Schule Tranz Angled Snaffle 8023

A Gentle Training Snaffle Bit with a little extra. - When a contact is taken, the Tranz Angled lozenge rolls down onto the center of the tongue (the sweet spot) enhancing feel and responsiveness, leading to a higher level of communication through the...
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Trust Inno-Sense Port Mouth Eggbutt

New from Trust Equestrian! *Dressage legal* The Innosense port mouth eggbutt provides tongue relief and stability to a sensitive or fussy mouthed horse. Also brilliant for a horse who is uncomplicated and you want something kind and soft. Available in...
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Sprenger KK Ultra 40604 ...88

The Original patented KK-Ultra design from Sprenger- a classic dressage favourite.-The angle of the shortened center link is rotaed by 45degrees to the front, utilising the the tongue's sense of touch, enabling clear aids to be given from the reins.-...
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Bombers Elliptical Dressage Eggbutt

  Encourage a forward contact seeking horse and alleviate tongue sensitivity issues! The Lozenge on the Elliptical dressage is flattened on the bottom to give a larger softer surface area against the tongue. The join between the...
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Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Baucher

Please note this item is a Pre-Order so it will take 2 weeks approx from date of order to arrive and be dispatched to you.    About the BitIs your sensitive or fussy in the contact? Does your horse have a large tongue and sensitive bars? Are...
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