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The Elevator (or Jumper) style of bits work on leverage and can be very powerful. They offer the rider increased lift and control.

  • Neue Schule Elevator or Jumper bit

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Elevator 8023NS


    Helps sit them on their hocks and turn tight- a Showjumping favourite!  - Precision control for jumping without resorting to a severe mouthpiece, very useful for horses that are prone to rubs in the corners of the mouth. - Often the answer for an...

  • Stubben 2 in 1 Butterfly (Elevator)


    Stubben 2 in 1 Butterfly (Elevator)


    The poplar Stubben 2 in 1 Butterfly now available at Bit Bank Australia! 1 Bit - 2 impact levels The new 2 in 1 bit offers two additional impact levels in the horse’s mouth by simply switching the sides of the bit. 1. If you buckle the more...