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Claire Figueiredo - Calliope, QLD - Creekside Equestrian

Clare Figueiredo was born in Yorkshire in the UK and fell in love with horses and riding at the tender age of six, spending many years helping out at the local riding school and begging for rides on friends’ horses.Her parents were not remotely involved with horses and expected her to lose interest but every year Clare’s passion grew stronger. Eventually she saved up enough money (pocket money and lunch money!!) to be able to buy her first horse in her early teens, and despite having numerous setbacks and occasionally career changes, she has dedicated her life to these beautiful creatures.

Clare, who now owns and runs Creekside Equestrian in Calliope, Queensland, is a British Horse Society and Equestrian Australia Accredited Coach and has been coaching riders and training horses for over 30 years. She specialises in Dressage and has previously competed up to FEI level in the UK but her main passion has always been about creating the correct foundations of rhythm and suppleness, and teaching riders about the importance of developing genuine ‘throughness’ of the horse’s body and acceptance of the contact. Clare prides herself on being an excellent communicator and feels that just telling a rider what to do isn’t enough. She must explain the why and the how as well. She is, also, continually learning about horse biomechanics and is developing an in depth knowledge of subtle gait abnormalities and the consequent resistances that most horses will demonstrate when they are asymmetrically balanced.

Needless to say, when the opportunity arose to become a Bit Bank Australia Accredited Bit Fitter, Clare was immediately intrigued. She currently owns a very talented but tricky warmblood mare that has always had severe contact issues. However, the mare is the sort of horse that once the right bit choice is made, she is heavenly to ride. This led Clare to realise that if the right bit could make such a huge difference to her horse, then it could make a phenomenal difference to so many horse and rider combinations. She also realised how few people were qualified in this field of expertise especially in Queensland and with all these factors in mind, she signed up to become accredited with Bit Bank Australia. In addition, she intends to complete further studies with The Neue Schule Academy to further her understanding of the science of bit fitting and bit design. 

Clare’s long term goal is to assist and advise as many equestrians as possible in choosing the right bit for their horse and chosen discipline and making sure that it is fitted correctly. The end result being that bit fitting is considered as important and influential on performance as saddle fitting. Ultimately, she is an advocate for the horse’s wellbeing and wants to impart an understanding on other riders of just how unique each horse’s mouth is. For this reason, her bit fitting service is known as A Bit Unique.

Clare is available for local, individual consultations and is prepared to travel throughout the majority of Queensland for clinics should the need arise (Extra travel costs beyond 20 km will apply). She is also keen to hold educational seminars for Pony Clubs and Equestrian Groups that can be tailored to be age appropriate for the attendees.

Contact Clare

Phone 0413 298 655

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Trudi Hanslo - Sunshine Coast QLD 

I come from a horse riding family, my parents rode and my grandparents rode. It’s a genetic defect! My favourite discipline is dressage and I love going for trail rides.


I am a Advanced Care Paramedic and I have a degree in Psychology. However horses have always been in my life in one way or another throughout my studies. I have been a pony club instructor and and EFA instructor.


I used to be a “one bit for every horse” kind of rider until I discovered Bit Bank. Through study and trial and error I have discovered a passion that I thoroughly enjoy.


My goal is to help riders find the best bit combination for their horse. To make the horse comfortable, happy and to get the best result for both you and your horse.

Contact Trudi

Phone - 0408360957

Email -



Sandi-Leigh Norris - Norris Equestrian Services - Waterford West QLD


"I am the proud owner of Norris Equestrian Services, and I am a Level 1 General Coach, Acupuncture Practitioner and Bit Fitting Specialist.


I have competed FEI Level and still to this day compete across various disciplines including Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country, bringing up my young horse to compete at 2032 Paralympics (Yep I am a Grade IV Para Equestrian)


Over the last 30 years of being involved with horses I have always been fascinated with how we can make it a better world for them. Through education, knowledge and of course making mistakes along the way.


My very own horse Cosmique Cavall is the horse that has put me on this fantastic journey of Bit Fitting, after spending over $1000 in bits and still no closer to a happy horse, I decided to contact BitBank and well... the rest is history!


I know that as a rider, coach and equine acupuncture therapists along with the bit fitting (And of course priceless knowledge and support from BitBank themselves), I am able to help both you and your horse find that "connection"!


I am available for local, individual or group consultations for both single bridle and double bridle ridden assessments. If you wish to hold educational seminars for Pony Clubs and Equestrian Groups I am able to provide this service too.


Happy Riding!
Contact Sandi-Leigh
Phone - 0497 819 401
Email -