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Bitless Options

Options for bitless riding - hackamores and bitless bridles.

  • German Hackamore
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    WEFI German Hackamore


    German hackamores are one of two popular types of bitless bridles. -Hackamores are useful for horses with mouth problems, or those that just dislike any type of bit. - The German version of the hackamore has a long shank, with a rubber covered chain...

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  • Bridle2Fit Anatomical Bitless Bridle

    Bridle 2 Fit

    Bridle2Fit Anatomical Bitless Bridle

    $189.00 - $264.00

    Finally, a custom, anatomical, Bit less Bridle solution from JUST $189 With the extremely popular anatomical gel padded headpiece - the HP3 combined with 2 years of design and research the Bitless option is now available. Featuring a well padded,...

  • Meroth FREEDOM Bridle-less Bit

    Meroth FREEDOM Bridle-less Bit


    Since 1985, this patented and completely non-toxic Meroth® leather bit has been successfully used by riders and drivers in Europe for decades. This bit is suitable for any horse and any discipline and will conform to your...