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Extra Supple Padded Leather - These reins are buttery soft straight off the shelf, generously padded and have leather stops for extra grip. Absolutely beautiful to hold!

Anti Slip - The reins are made of woven anti-slip rubber/nylon/leather material. This material is flexible in the hand and extremely strong so it ensures more grip than conventional rubber reins - even when wet!

Leather Reins - Soft, flat, quality leather reins to match your Bridle2fit Bridle!


Our ambassador Tommie Visser about the soft padded reins

“My favorite Bridle2fit product? That would be the SPS and SRS reins. These are comfortable to hold, because they are made of extraordinarily supple quality leather. Highly recommended!”

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Bridle2fit reins
Written by Alice Smart on Jul 29, 2020

Great reins, very comfortable and look great