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Gag Bits

True gag bits offer a "head raising" effect by working on the corners of the lips, accentuating the action of a normal snaffle. They can assist the rider with a horse that tends to travel with his nose to ground, but should only be used by a competent rider with independent seat and hands.

  • Minos Vision Precision Jumping bit


    Minos Vision Precision Jumping Bit


    NEW from Eldonian and Jeffries Saddlery- the Minos Vision Range of Copper mouthed bits.- The Eldonian Precision Bit is from the Minos Vision range of bits that are designed to be a more ergonomical shape with an angled lozenge to facilitate better...

  • Stubben "Golden wings" 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben "Golden Wings" 4 in 1 Gag- Well suited to those horses that have a fleshier lips and mouth than usual, and even with a well fitting bit find that the loose rings always pinch and rub.- Mild lever action is employed, with the reins and the cheek...

  • Rope Gag Cheeks

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Rope Gag Cheeks


    Excellent quality Neue Schule Gag Cheeks, triple stitched for increased safety and durability. - Easily attachable nylon rope gag cheeks for use on any running gag bit.- Nylon cord means the bit slides very quickly for immediate action and response.-...

  • WTP Loose Ring Bit with Brakes

    WTP Loose Ring Bit with Brakes


    New to Bit Bank and available to order!  A humane alternative to tongue tie! A well constructed racing Ring Bit with award winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and comfort for the horse - now with added leverage for better stop! Get your hands...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal


    TRUST Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal


    Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia! Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber mouthpiece which can be used for all horses but are especially suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths. The material is...

  • Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Nelson Gag

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Nelson Gag 8023NG


     A favourite with showjumpers and eventers where extra control and help with turning is esential.- The Nelson cheeks (full cheeks) reinforce the turning aid, reduce friction and lessen the chance of rubbing.- Brilliant where preceise steering is...

  • Bombers 2.5 Ring Waterford Gag

    Bombers Bits

    Bombers 2.5 Ring Waterford Gag


    A Ring cheek piece introduces poll pressure as well creating leverage on the mouthpiece, the 2½ Ring version is the softest version of ring bit as the ½ ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll. The Waterford bit has many...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel


    TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel


    The long awaited TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel is finally here! Sensitive horse? Need a little more control than a snaffle? Does your horse have a really sensitive tongue or bars? Does your horse curl behind the bit in a 3 ring mullen gag? The Swivel is the...

  • Stubben EZ Control 3 Ring Gag


    Stubben EZ Control 3 Ring Gag


    Benefits of an EZ-Control BIT: • Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides • Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins • Allows gentle and sensitive aids • Enables easier communication...

  • Neue Schule Cheltenham Gag

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Cheltenham Gag 8023CG


    - Very beneficial for the overenthusiastic horse with a sensitive mouth.  Also can help with a horse that is prone to leaning or snatching down.- The eggbutt cheek is often sourced for horses that are prone to rubbing, especially in the corner of...

  • Cheltenham Gag


    Eldonian Cheltenham Gag BI532


    - Running gag bit with eggbutt cheeks for a more immediate gag action.- This bit will have a definite head lifting effect and can be very powerful.  - It should only be used by a rider with an idependant seat and good hands, and with an educated...

  • Neue Schule Balding gag bit

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Balding Gag 8023BG


    Excellent for a horse with a sensitive mouth that tends to block through the rein.- The loose ring has more play, discouraging the horse from leaning, which may happen with a fixed cheek.- Can be ridden with two reins to differentiate between the snaffle...