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Gag Bits

True gag bits offer a "head raising" effect by working on the corners of the lips, accentuating the action of a normal snaffle. They can assist the rider with a horse that tends to travel with his nose to ground, but should only be used by a competent rider with independent seat and hands.

  • Stubben "Golden wings" 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben "Golden Wings" 4 in 1 Gag- Well suited to those horses that have a fleshier lips and mouth than usual, and even with a well fitting bit find that the loose rings always pinch and rub.- Mild lever action is employed, with the reins and the cheek...

  • Rope Gag Cheeks

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Rope Gag Cheeks


    Excellent quality Neue Schule Gag Cheeks, triple stitched for increased safety and durability. - Easily attachable nylon rope gag cheeks for use on any running gag bit.- Nylon cord means the bit slides very quickly for immediate action and response.-...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal


    TRUST Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal


    Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia! Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber mouthpiece which can be used for all horses but are especially suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths. The material is...

  • Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Nelson Gag

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Nelson Gag 8023NG


     A favourite with showjumpers and eventers where extra control and help with turning is esential.- The Nelson cheeks (full cheeks) reinforce the turning aid, reduce friction and lessen the chance of rubbing.- Brilliant where preceise steering is...

  • Bombers 2.5 Ring Waterford Gag

    Bombers Bits

    Bombers 2.5 Ring Waterford Gag


    A Ring cheek piece introduces poll pressure as well creating leverage on the mouthpiece, the 2½ Ring version is the softest version of ring bit as the ½ ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll. The Waterford bit has many smooth...

  • Stubben EZ Control 3 Ring Gag


    Stubben EZ Control 3 Ring Gag


    Benefits of an EZ-Control BIT: • Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides • Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins • Allows gentle and sensitive aids • Enables easier communication...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel


    TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel


    The long awaited TRUST Flexi-Soft Swivel is finally here! Sensitive horse? Need a little more control than a snaffle? Does your horse have a really sensitive tongue or bars? Does your horse curl behind the bit in a 3 ring mullen gag? The Swivel is the...

  • Neue Schule Cheltenham Gag

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Cheltenham Gag 8023CG


    - Very beneficial for the overenthusiastic horse with a sensitive mouth.  Also can help with a horse that is prone to leaning or snatching down.- The eggbutt cheek is often sourced for horses that are prone to rubbing, especially in the corner of...

  • Neue Schule Balding gag bit

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Balding Gag 8023BG


    Excellent for a horse with a sensitive mouth that tends to block through the rein.- The loose ring has more play, discouraging the horse from leaning, which may happen with a fixed cheek.- Can be ridden with two reins to differentiate between the snaffle...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft Running Gag


    TRUST Flexi-Soft Running Gag


    Pre-Order Only - Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.    Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia! FINALLY! A running gag with the very popular soft white rubber mouthpiece! Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber...

  • Neue Schule Turtle Top Spot On

    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Turtle Top Spot On


    We are delighted to introduce you to the latest cheek design from Neue Schule.A modern, versatile design with four different rein options plus a curb option. This enables the rider to achieve their objective as various ways of going may be encouraged...