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New South Wales


Jessica Raymont – The Right Fit Equine Bit Fitting - Hills/Hawkesbury

Jessica has had a passion for horses since she was a young child, spending many years at pony club competing in various disciplines. Mounted Games was a favourite and she competed at no less that 10 state events, placing many times. Now days she manly focuses on dressage with her mare and is currently bringing along a young horse.

Jessica has had an interest in bitting since acquiring a couple of horses who were highly sensitive and reactive to the bit and the common “soft bit” options were not helping. Jess has since completed her accreditation as a Bit Bank Australia Accredited Bitting Specialist. She has also obtained the NS Certification in Bits and Bitting Science.

Jess’s goal is to share her knowledge and assist others in finding the best bit for their equine friends. Areas serviced are the Hills/Hawkesbury region, will travel further a field but travel charges may apply. Also available for clinics.

Mobile: 0429 834 190





Danielle Rollings - Border Equine Dentistry and Bit Fitting - Albury/Wodonga 

As a child of horse riders, I was introduced to horses at a very young age. Horse riding was a family event and I spent every minute I could in the saddle. I was a keen pony clubber with a special interest in eventing.

This passion for horses has continued into my adult life and I spend most weekends out competing in various disciplines – Eventing, showing, Navigation rides, Dressage, Team Penning… I love giving everything a go! I completed a Diploma of Equine Dentistry at the Australian Equine Dental Practice. As an Equine dentist am often asked my opinion on bits and see first hand the damage that an ill fitting or unsuitable bit can do to the horses mouth.

Having had difficulty finding a bit for a very sensitive horse, I know how frustrating the process can be. I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge to other riders and helping them get the best out of their horses. I am available for pony club and educational talks 

Service area: North Eastern Victoria and Upper Murray and Southern Riverina (Albury – Wodonga and Surrounds) – Other areas available by arrangement.

Danielle Rollings
Ph: 0419 624 716



Amanda Arnold - Amarela Equestrian - Sydney Metro and Greater Sydney

I have had a lifelong passion for horses, and I am  the proud mum of two OTT Thoroughbreds competing in Dressage.

After one of my horses had to have all front teeth removed due to EOTRH, I found it difficult to find the right bit and someone to help do this, until I found Bit Bank and embarked on a bit fitting journey to help others navigate the frustrations of finding the right bit.

I have completed extensive training and have a personal understanding of what a difference the right bit makes  to the comfort and performance of the horse. I  look forward to helping you  get the best out of your horse.

I am also a qualified Equine nutritionist so can help with a holistic approach to achieving your goals.

Available for clinics and individual consultations.

Service area: Sydney metro and greater Sydney area. Other areas may be available on request e.g. (Southern Highlands, Central Coast  - travel fee applies)

Amanda Arnold

Mobile: 0449 696 200





 Bronwyn Dugan- Riverina NSW

A typically horse mad girl who never grew out of it, bought an unraced thoroughbred at 14, so began a life long love affair with the breed. 

That first horse was quirky, to say the least, and with him I began to delve into the world of bitting. Reading everything I could find about bits, and beginning to accumulate something of a collection, mainly in the hopes of finding the right bit for cross country. 

After realising I wasn't brave enough for the eventing game, I moved into dressage and showing, which opened up another world of bitting rules and bits! 

I still have thoroughbreds, all of the current crew being off the track, and have learnt there's always something new to discover with each horse, whether bitting or general training. Began the Accreditation mainly for my own education thanks to these wonderful horses I've had.

Based in Riverina NSW, though will travel. Find me a trail running event nearby and I'll happily make a weekend of it.

Email is preferred for contact.


Bronwyn Dugan




Maddie Thomas - Morrisett NSW

As a child I was always obsessed with Horses and Riding and always had a dream to one day be able to be compete in the world of Showjumping. Having my own horses for the last decade which have allowed me to compete regularly on the NSW Show Jumping circuit to this day. I have had a number of very different horses including currently having 3 OTTB & a warmblood. I am passionate about OTTB retraining and rehoming and have had a number of thoroughbreds over the years and really enjoyed the journey of bringing them to their new job. 

 Thoroughbreds started my passion for bit fitting and my interest in all things bits. I have always been fascinated in finding the most effective and comfortable bit for them and all their quirks. With the OTTB becoming a more popular & common horse for the everyday rider I feel that the need and interest in correct bit fitting will become even more apparent and I look forward to helping riders of all abilities and disciplines to reach their goals & keep their horses happy and comfortable along the way.


Phone: 0405 427 747




Melinda Floyd - NSW Southern Tablelands 

I grew up with horses, though with non horsey parents looking back I am amazed at the things my pony and I got up to and survived!

I showed as a child, and on leaving school began working with horses and spent many years doing everything from breeding and AI, foaling and weaning, through to breaking performance horses and TBs, and competing.

Nowadays I have my Welsh Cobs and a Clydie x who we do everything with from camping and riding in the mountains to dressage.

It was through my search for the right bit for our Clydie x that led me to train as a bit fitter and share the knowledge I have gained with others and help them find the right bit for their horses.

I am based in the NSW Southern Tablelands, and able to travel by arrangement. 


Phone: 0447 962 235