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Economy Range

A great value affordable range that doesn't compromise on quality or function!

  • Minos Vision Precision Jumping bit


    Minos Vision Precision Jumping Bit


    NEW from Eldonian and Jeffries Saddlery- the Minos Vision Range of Copper mouthed bits.- The Eldonian Precision Bit is from the Minos Vision range of bits that are designed to be a more ergonomical shape with an angled lozenge to facilitate better...

  • Stubben Baucher Bit


    Stubben Baucher Bit


    New to the Bit Bank Family - the Stubben Baucher!   - This 16mm Baucher bit has a sweet copper mouthpiece along with an oval mouth link made to allow for better acceptance of the bit.- Designed to give better communication between horse and rider...

  • Stubben "Golden wings" 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag


    Stubben "Golden Wings" 4 in 1 Gag- Well suited to those horses that have a fleshier lips and mouth than usual, and even with a well fitting bit find that the loose rings always pinch and rub.- Mild lever action is employed, with the reins and the cheek...

  • Sweet Iron Snaffle with Copper Inlay (fine)

    Sweet Iron Snaffle with Copper Inlay (fine)


    Stainless steel loose rings, single jointed curved mouth sweet iron snaffle with copper inlay. The combination of sweet iron and copper encourages acceptance of the bit and salivation for dry mouthed horses. Available in sizes 5" and 5.5" Mouth...

  • Happy Mouth Straight bar eggbutt snaffle

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Straight Eggbutt BIHM235


    - Traditional eggbutt cheekpeices for those horses who need a more steady, consistant feel from the rider (or for children with unsteady hands). - Features a straight bar Happy Mouth, with a steel core for safety but with slight bend and "give". - A...

  • EZ Control snaffle


    Stubben EZ Control Loose Ring Snaffle


    Stubben EZ Control Loose Ring Bit - The new EZ Control bit features Rigid Effect, which provides flexibility on the sides of the bit. - It allows for minimum pressure on the reins for a gentle, sensitive touch and easier communication. - The EZ Control...

  • Copper link full cheek snaffle bit


    Stubben Full Cheek Snaffle with sweet copper link


    Stubben Full Cheek with Copper link- Fixed full cheeks to give very clear, direct rein aids and help prevent the bit sliding in the mouth.- Very good for young horses or lunging/ long lining.- The central lozenge lies flat on the tongue, not angled, more...

  • Eldonian Bevel Bit (Wilkie)


    Eldonian Bevel Bit (Wilkie)


    Very popular in the show ring in the UK- need more control than a snaffle? - A very mild lever action causes the cheeks to tilt forwards and the mouthpiece to lift up. - Very effective for ponies and horses that poke their noses or are strung out. -...

  • Eldonian Waterford Full Cheek


    Eldonian Waterford Full Cheek


    - Does your horse lean or pull? Does he fully understand the aids but continue to ignore you?  Do you hvae an independant seat with sensitive hands?  The Waterford can help give you back some control while eradicating the pulling and fighting...

  • Eggbutt Training Bridoon

    Eggbutt Training Bridoon


    Economy good quality stainless steel eggbutt training bridoon. Fine mouth stainless steel eggbutt bridoon with "lozenge" shaped joint that sits flat on the tongue with rein pressure. Similar to the loose ring "KK Training Bit" Available in 4.5, 5, 5.5"...

  • Stubben Eggbutt with Sweet Copper Link


    Stubben Eggbutt with Sweet Copper Link


    A very popular great value eggbutt from Stubben! Benefits of SWEET Copper Link: • Better acceptance • Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece • Encourages chewing and salivation • Solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron...

  • Minos Harmony loose ring snaffle


    Minos Vision Harmony Snaffle


    NEW from Eldonian and Jeffries Saddlery! The Minos Vision Harmony Curved Mouth French Bit- A new range of ergonomically designed bits, a 90% copper mouthpiece to help promote salivation.  - An angled lozenge centre to facilitate better contact...