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Bitting Accessories

  • Neue Schule Bit Measuring Tool
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    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule Bit Measuring Tool


    Get your FREE Neue Schule Mouth Measuring tool, easy to make and non-invasive way to measure your horse for the perfect bit size!

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  • 30 Day Trial - Bit Insurance

    30 Day Trial - Bit Insurance


    Complete peace of mind!  We know that buying a new bit can be a daunting and expensive exercise, that is why we offer a 30 Day Trial on most of our bits! By purchasing our Bit Insurance for a small fee of $25 you have the freedom to exchange or...

  • Original Bit Butter


    Original Bit Butter

    $39.95 - $49.95

    This special formulation from the States provides soothing care to the mouth.  It replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse's mouth.  Enriched with a "mouth softening complex" that includes...

  • Bombers Bits

    Bombers Bit Guards


    A colour for every occasion!  Easy to slip on and off these flexible thin bit guards are excellent to prevent pinching, rubbing and keeping the bit still and stable in the horses mouth.  Available in Pink, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black,...

  • Sealtex Latex Bit Wrap

    Sealtex Latex Bit Wrap


    Latex bit wrap and bandage is completely self-adhering and unaffected by water Great for cushioning the bars of bits to prevent rubbing and soreness on very sensitive horses or horses with metal allergies 7cm wide 90cm long

  • Sprenger Diamond Paste (bit cleaner)


    Sprenger Diamond Paste (bit cleaner)


    Sprenger Diamond Paste cleans, maintains and puts the sparkle back into your bits, spurs, stirrups and other metal fittings.- Suitable for use on most bits of stainless steel or coppy allow contruction.  (Do not use on plastic mouthpieces)- Diamond...

  • Horse Armour Bit Wipes

    Horse Armour

    Horse Armour Bit Wipes


    Peppermint bit wipes 100% Natural. Leaves bits shiny and tasting great, use before a ride to increase bit acceptance. The durable canister keeps the 7"x8" wipes moist, and is conveniently sized to fit in any tack box. 40 disposable wipes per container.

  • Bit+ Wash Kit


    Bit+ Wash Kit


    Keep your horse’s bit clean and fresh! Kit includes 6oz Bit+Wash, a microfiber Bit+Cloth with an attached hanging loop and a Bit Cleaning Wand that is perfect to clean the tighter jointed areas.  

  • Leather Curb Chain

    Leather Curb Chain


    - A kinder option to the traditional double link curb chain.  Perfect for those horses very sensitive to the curb.- Hand stitched, english leather.- Available in Brown or Black.- Made in UK