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Complete peace of mind! 

We know that buying a new bit can be a daunting and expensive exercise, that is why we offer a 30 Day Trial on most of our bits!

By purchasing our Bit Insurance for a small fee of $25 you have the freedom to exchange or return your bit for a full refund of the retail price (excluding the $25 insurance) if you need to within 30 Days of receiving the original bit.

Trial insurance is payable per bit, not per order. 

Our experienced, qualified Bitting Specialists are available for 5 Days per week to help you with any questions and make the perfect bitting choice right from the start. 


Terms and Conditions

The $25 Insurance is non-refundable under any circumstance, unless purchased in error or a bit is returned unopened in original packaging. \

It is not refundable once the bit has been removed from packaging or placed in the mouth. 

Trial Insurance is payable Per-Bit, no per order. 

Trial insurance cannot be purchased retrospectively after a bit has been used or damaged/marked by the horse. 

Bits made from rubber, plastic or leather are not available to trial.

Trial insurance covers you for 1 Exchange or a full refund of the purchase price, subsequent exchanges attract a new $25 Insurance Fee. 

Product Reviews

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Peace of mind
Written by Jacqui Copeland on Mar 03, 2021

Having the 30 day insurance meant that I could be comfortable making a large purchase without any stress. Knowing I could return the bit if it didn't have the desired effect was very helpful in the decision to buy a high quality but

30 day insurance review
Written by Glenn Parmansche on Jan 15, 2021

Love this concept. Well worth the piece of mind on your purchase. I won't buy a bit again without it.

Great concept
Written by Liz on Nov 19, 2020

I loved the peace of mind of being able to make sure the bit was suitable for our pony. Great concept which I have used again since for a new bit on another pony. Thanks!

Best Product
Written by Rachel Burnett on Sep 15, 2020

The 30 day trial insurance is a great investment if you are unsure about the correct bit for your horse. Horses are so unpredictable, and even if you think a bit is going to be perfect, your horse is likely to prove you wrong which n turn will end up costing you.

Bit unsurance
Written by Grace Slee on Aug 28, 2020

The bit insurance gives peace of mine when purchasing a bit. It makes it's easier and more affordable to try different bits to find the perfect one. It's also very easy to add to your order !

30 day trial insurance
Written by Donna Thomas on Jun 17, 2020

Loved being able to have a 30 day trial as its hard to know if the bit will work on your horse. Having this option gave me peace of mind covering the purchase and support if it didn't work. That I could return it and try something else.

Excellent idea
Written by Dominique Shreeve on Dec 04, 2019

Love the idea of bit insurance. It can be an expensive process finding the right bit for your horse or pony. It's a nice peace of mind knowing you can try different bits for a small fee.