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Our bridles below are hand selected to suit your needs, offering something a little different and unique. We feature the lovely Jeffries bridlework, the Lightrider Bitless Bridles, Affordable English Bridles as well as the popular Micklem Bridles. We are also very excited to welcome Bridle2Fit to Bit Bank Australia, custom anatomical bridles at your fingertips!

  • The award winning Micklem Multi Bridle


    Micklem Multi Bridle by Rambo


    Please note some Micklem models are out of stock til MARCH 2022 - Please phone us for stock availability or to pre-order.  A comfortable, more humane bridle and winner of the 2008 BETA International Innovation Award.- Relieves pressure at the...

  • Micklem Competiton bridle in Brown


    Micklem Original Competition Bridle


    The Micklem Competition Bridle is ergonomically designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse's skull. - This is the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever designed. - Made from 5/8" Eco-friendly, hand finished...

  • Micklem Reins


    Micklem Reins


    Simple yet with great feel soft rubber grip reins over leather to go with any of the Rambo Micklem bridles. Black or Brown. Full size only.

  • Rambo Micklem Breastplate


    Rambo Micklem Breastplate


      This ergonomically designed 3-point elasticated breastplate for the best in comfort and safety when jumping or out on cross country. This breastplate sits well in front of the shoulder for maximum movement. Extra removable safety strap (monkey...

  • Bridle2Fit Anatomical Bitless Bridle

    Bridle 2 Fit

    Bridle2Fit Anatomical Bitless Bridle

    $189.00 - $264.00

    Finally, a custom, anatomical, Bit less Bridle solution from JUST $189 With the extremely popular anatomical gel padded headpiece - the HP3 combined with 2 years of design and research the Bitless option is now available. Featuring a well padded,...

  • Meroth FREEDOM Bridle-less Bit

    Meroth FREEDOM Bridle-less Bit


    Since 1985, this patented and completely non-toxic Meroth® leather bit has been successfully used by riders and drivers in Europe for decades. This bit is suitable for any horse and any discipline and will conform to your...