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South Australia


Deanna Arbon - Dynamic Equine Myotherapy - Adelaide Hills

My passion for horses started many years ago as a pony club kid who loved to ride and spend every spare moment I had with horses and even though a few years have passed since then I still haven't shaken off that passion.

I am a qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist which I studied through the National College of Traditional Medicine. This has given me great knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology as well as sports or remedial massage techniques to effectively treat soft tissue dysfunction.

I am also a Bit Bank Australia Accredited Bitting Specialist and have studied through The Academy by Neue Schule where they teach the science behind bit fitting and bit design which is relevant for all brands of bits.

My mission is to increase harmony between horse and rider and to develop a positive communication and greater connection through correct bitting.

I am available in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas and I am happy to do group bookings outside of these areas in South Australia.

Also available for Pony Club/ Riding Club talks and will be holding clinics throughout the year.

For more information you can send me through an email or check out my business facebook page – Dynamic Equine Myotherapy.

Ph. 0435 649 568

E-mail - 

Facebook - Dynamic Equine Myotherapy



Jo Swinton - South Australia and Western Victoria

With over 30 years of passionate involvement in the equine world, Jo has actively pursued courses in horse welfare and nutrition to advance her expertise. Following a distinguished career within the SA Ambulance Service, Jo channels her experience and knowledge to assist horse owners in her current capacity at Benchmark Feeds.

As an accredited Bit Fitter, Jo possesses an exceptional commitment to equine welfare. She prioritises the well-being of horses through the provision of specialised bit fitting services. Her mission is clear: contributing to responsible horse care, sharing knowledge, and setting new standards for excellence in South Australia and Western Victoria's equine community.