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1. How quickly can I get my new horse bit?

We aim to ship items currently in stock within 24 hours of processing your order. 

At Bit Bank Australia we use Australia Post for all deliveries, and Registered International Post for our overseas clients. You can choose your shipping speed: Standard 3-5 days or Express 1-2 days.

2. What if the size or style I order is not in stock?

If the particular bit you order is not currently in stock, you will be contacted by email and offered to be put on back order or refunded in full. If you don't mind waiting, we should have your new bit here for you within 1-4 weeks, depending on the supplier the bit is coming from. We use an express courier service to bring our bits from the UK or interstate here as quickly as possible. We will of course offer you both options and keep you updated as to the status of your order.

3. I know which bit I want and don't need the trial service?

Just use the online shop to buy today to receive your new bit, with no more to pay.

4.  What if the bit is the wrong size for my horse?

Please don't ride in the bit if it is the wrong size. It can be uncomfortable for the horse and in many cases a bit too large or small will alter the effectiveness of the bit's action. If you try the bit on, and it is the wrong size, rinse and dry the bit and return it via registered post with all labels and packaging within 7 days to exchange for the correct size, with no additional charge. You can exchange an incorrect size if you purchased the bit outright or on the 30 day trial offer.

5.  And if I return the bit during the 30 day trial?

If for whatever reason you are not happy with your new bit and you have opted for the 30 Day Trial offer, just return the bit clean, with the original bags and labels to Bit Bank Australia via post (we recommend registered post). We will then offer you an exchange for a different style, or refund you the purchase price of the bit, less a nominated rental fee. This fee is clearly stated in your Bit Bank receipt. Postal charges are not refunded.

6.  Why can't I find any western bits on your website?

Western bitting has unique requirements, and at this stage we do not have adequate knowledge of the sports that fall under the western riding banner to offer for sale any bits of this style.

7.  How do I know if I have the right size?

Please see our information page on bit sizing for more detailed answer, and you can always purchase a BitFit Measure from our accessories page.

8. Why should I buy from Bit Bank Australia?

We are the most experienced and longest running dedicated horse bit webshop and information hub for Australian and New Zealand riders. We offer all clients the option to buy our bits on a 30 Day Trial and offer a personal bitting consultation to help take the mystery out of selecting a new bit. We have extensive experience recommending bits to suit each individual horse and purpose.

Bit Bank Australia carries a wide range of styles across the Myler, Neue Schule, Sprenger, Happy Mouth, Nathe, Stubben, WTP and Eldonian brands, from 4" to 6.5" in sizes, and all the little accessories you may need as well.

If you are looking to help solve a problem, looking for your horse's first double bridle or simply after a more comfortable bit for your horse we are here to help.

We promote performance through comfort and always approach bitting with these two main factors in mind: the Comfort of the Horse and the Safety of the Rider.


If your question has not been answered here, click here to ask us!  We will get back to you very soon.