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New Zealand


Dana Sutton - BitBeta Equine - Palmerston North NZ

Hi, I am Dana! I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my background. My love for horses started at a young age, initially I was encouraged by my grandparents who had racehorses. I attended pony club during my early riding years and have enjoyed many equine disciplines including dressage, showing and eventing. My current focus is on showjumping and I enjoy hunting during the winter months. In recent years I have had success in the Amateur Rider classes, winning both the Amateur Series and the HOY title. I have recently stepped up to Pro-Am classes and am enjoying this new challenge. I have two daughters that are keen pony riders and I am involved in helping at our pony club. My qualifications include, a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, National Certificate in Equine, and a Pony Club Coaching Certificate. I have thoroughly enjoyed my recent study with Bitbank Australia and Charmae to complete my bit fitting accreditation. I am a trained AB technician which keeps me very busy in Oct/Nov and I also work part- time on our 850 cow dairy farm. I have always had an interest in bits and wanted to have the knowledge to help others. I’m very passionate about bitting and believe the correct bit and bridle fit is as important as the correct saddle fit, however it is often overlooked. There are many options available to ensure that your horse is happy, willing and able to maintain optimum performance. I look forward to helping you find the best fit for your horse so that your partnership can flourish! 

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