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Micklem Bridles

The famous and now very popular Micklem bridles are available in 4 options - the Multi Bridle, Diamante Competition Bridle, Deluxe Competition Bridle and the Original Competition Bridle, with all models being legal for competition.

  • Micklem Reins


    Micklem Reins


      Simple yet with great feel soft rubber grip reins over leather to go with any of the Rambo Micklem bridles. Black or Brown. Full size only.

  • Rambo Micklem Breastplate


    Rambo Micklem Breastplate


    This ergonomically designed 3-point elasticated breastplate for the best in comfort and safety when jumping or out on cross country. This breastplate sits well in front of the shoulder for maximum movement. Extra removable safety strap (monkey grip)...

  • Micklem 2 Competition Bridle

    Micklem 2 Competition Bridle


    Welcoming exceptional innovation with performance, the Horseware Micklem® 2 Competition Bridle is the anatomical comfort your horse needs in a bridle! Embracing a unique bridle design with an updated headpiece, the Micklem® Bridle...

  • Micklem 2 Multi Bridle

    Micklem 2 Multi Bridle


    The Horseware Micklem® 2 Multi Bridle is a multifunctional bridle with an outstanding anatomical design making it the ideal choice for busy horse riders who expect their tack to deliver on every level! With quick and easy adjustments, the...

  • Micklem 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle

    Micklem 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle


    Combining comfort with design innovation, the Horseware Micklem® 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle offers show quality with outstanding performance for a tension-free experience. This Micklem® Bridle alleviates pressure points often found in...

  • Micklem 2 Diamante Bridle

    Micklem 2 Diamante Bridle


    The Horseware Micklem® 2 Diamante Competition Bridle is anatomically designed for your horse's superior comfort with an added touch of glamour with a diamante studded browband! This exquisite Micklem® Bridle is a show quality bridle...