Bridle2Fit S1 Noseband

Bridle 2 Fit

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Noseband model S1 is a wide noseband, which furthers the distribution of pressure on the nose.

The bit cut outs in the noseband ensure that the bit has sufficient space to move, as such, it is also prevented that the skin of the cheek gets caught between the noseband and the bit.

The noseband is equipped with soft padding which ensures better pressure distribution.

Available in snaffle (no flash loop) or hannoverian (with flash loop) - dont forget to add a flash strap if you order a hannoverian style. 

Be aware: The noseband is delivered without back strap and noseband pillow.

Rolled Leather and Australian Nut colour by special order

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Bridle2Fit Nosebands
Written by Dianne Baxter on Apr 29, 2020

I am happy with this noseband. My horse finds it comfortable. Purchasers need to be aware this noseband fits with an integrated headpiece only.

Awesome quality!
Written by Siobhab on May 15, 2018

Absolutely love this noseband. Great quality! Will definitely be buying more in the future!