Sprenger Diamond Paste (bit cleaner)


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Sprenger Diamond Paste cleans, maintains and puts the sparkle back into your bits, spurs, stirrups and other metal fittings.
- Suitable for use on most bits of stainless steel or coppy allow contruction.  (Do not use on plastic mouthpieces)
- Diamond Paste is kind to the skin, non toxic and non acidic, and contains micro fine polishing granules.
- Brings up tarnished copper mouth bits like new!  Just a little on a soft cloth and polished to a shine.
- 100ml tube, very long lasting!

Dont forget your Microfibre Bit Polishing cloth here!

Product Reviews

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Bit Cleaner
Written by Rhian Capon on May 30, 2019

Makes life easy when cleaning bits. i even clean and polish my spurs and stirrups with it, a brilliant product.

Diamond paste
Written by Melissa on May 10, 2019

The only cleaning product to use on bits!!!

A good investment
Written by Sian on Jul 10, 2017

I recently got this cleaning paste for a Neue Schule bit I purchased from the bit bank. I figured if I invested so much in a new bit for my horse I may as well invest a small amount more to take care of it! So far I am really happy with the diamond paste. It brings back the "new shine" that the bit naturally loses from being in my horse's mouth with saliva etc. I also gave a very old Sprenger bit a clean with it and it came up beautifully. It's a great investment to keep your bits clean and hygienic for your horse and also make them look presentable for competitions. It will last a while too as a little goes a long way. This is now a must have in my tack box!