French Link Baucher


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An inexpensive good quality training baucher! The reins attach to the eggbutt-like ring at the mouthpiece, while the bridle cheeks attach to the smaller ring. This makes the bit sit flat against the horse's face and is quite fixed in the mouth.

This model features a french link mouthpiece, which lessens the "nutcracker" action experienced with single joint snaffles. Neat 40mm rings make it ideal for the show ring.


Available in 4.5", 5" and 5.5" 12mm thickness 40mm ring size

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French Link Baucher
Written by Bek on Nov 18, 2019

Perfect bit. Perfect fit. It’s made a huge difference in control with my thoroughbred.

Pony baucher
Written by Sally on Feb 25, 2019

Great bit but the rings are too big for a pony/ pony sized bit. It looks out of proportion but does the job.

incredibly happy with purchase!
Written by Danielle Stewart on Jun 26, 2017

I purchased this bit for my 11yo daughter's incredibly fussy and easily offended little mare. So far she has gone very kindly, pony has responded well and has been soft and round, moving forward into the contact happily. My daughter says she definitely feels the difference (we switched from a plain eggbutt french link snaffle) she has been able to "sit her up" a bit more vs pony leaning down at times. A lesson with her coach also confirmed this was a good direction for this pony. All in all a great little bit at a bargain price!