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Neue Schule Balding Gag 8023BG

Neue Schule

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Excellent for a horse with a sensitive mouth that tends to block through the rein.
- The loose ring has more play, discouraging the horse from leaning, which may happen with a fixed cheek.
- Can be ridden with two reins to differentiate between the snaffle and gag action, however most use the gag rein only for maximum lift and control.  For this reason this bit must be used by a rider with an independant seat and good hands.
-This bit features the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge Mouthpiece, in a 16mm thickness.
- The Balding gag, like all running gag bits, is not for the novice or beginner rider, but can be a useful tool for the more advanced rider to help create an easier, more harmonious ride with horses that tend to travel very long and low in front rather than up.
- Available on special order only, expect 1-3 weeks for delivery.

- Remember to buy your gag cheeks from our Bitting Accessories page.