Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Elevator 8023NS

Neue Schule

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Helps sit them on their hocks and turn tight- a Showjumping favourite! 
- Precision control for jumping without resorting to a severe mouthpiece, very useful for horses that are prone to rubs in the corners of the mouth.

- Often the answer for an over enthusiastic horse with a sensitive mouth.
- Promotes extra control, outline and much more help with straightness and turning.
- Very beneficial for horses that are strong, that snatch or lean.
- Has three rein options, including using pelham roundings, and can also be used with a curb strap from the top rings to increase the effectiveness of the bit, and the "head lowering" action through the curb pressure.
- 8023NS- 16mm Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiec, available from 5" to 6" in size.

A showjumping favourite that sits them on their hocks and helps make tight turns Designed for extra control, outline and much more help with straightness and turning.

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Written by Katie Everingham on Oct 01, 2019

A beautifully made bit, exceptional quality.

No resentment
Written by undefined on Aug 09, 2013

I bought this bit for a big experienced schoolmaster with a few issues like panic when he made a mistake. My niece who rides this horse is only small though competent, but unable to hold this horse. Now with the leather curb strap, the horse is not resenting her hand and listens. Everybody is safer