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Neue Schule Tranz Angled Baucher 8023B

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Does your horse hollow and poke out his nose?
- The Baucher snaffle promotes a round outline, the mouthpiece simultaneously lifts up within the mouth taking pressure off the bars and tongue.
- The fixed cheek style of the Baucher offers the mouthpiece increased stability which can help promote a more consistent contact and outline from the horse, as well as being helpful for riders with slightly unsteady hands. 
- Good for shoulder control, to help prevent falling in etc.
- 8023B 16mm mouthpiece, available from 5" to 6" in size.  A thicker, more generous mouthpiece than the 8022B Baucher.

*Anita's comments:  The Baucher in reality applies little if any poll pressure, though the various marketing materials for the different brands do still promote this bit in terms of applying poll pressure. The main benefit of this bit comes from the stability of the mouthpiece (more so than an eggbutt) rather than the very mild- if there is any at all- poll pressure.  This is still a direct action bit, and hence why is it legal for competition as a snaffle, and a bit that does apply leverage such as the 'spanish snaffle' is not.