Neue Schule Tranz Angled Full Cheek 8022FC


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About the Bit
A lovely bit for young horses being broken in, just starting out or in the retraining process.
The Neue Schule Tranz Angled Full cheek works gently on the horse’s tongue to encourage bit acceptance and a steady contact.

This bit will help with

  • Turning and Steering 

  • Straightness

  • Bit sliding through the mouth 

  • Horses inconsistent in the contact

  • Keeping the bit still in the horse’s mouth due to unsteady hands

  • Lateral work

  • Encouraging bit acceptance

NOT recommended for

  • Horses who are very tongue sensitive

Cheek piece 
The full cheek keeps the bit still and steady in the horse’s mouth giving the horse a more constant feel and aids with turning by applying a small amount of pressure to the side of the lips.

Dressage legality*
EA Dressage - YES
EA Eventing Dressage - YES
Pony Club - YES

How it should fit
The Tranz Angled Full Cheek must fit snug with only 0-2mm gap between the lip and the arms of the full cheek.

Technical Information
Brand Neue Schule
Model  Full Cheek
Mouthpiece Size 5”-6" in 1/4 size increments
Mouthpiece Thickness 14mm
Ring Diameter 50mm with 160mm Shanks (Total Length)
Material Salox GoldTM Mouthpiece with highly polished Stainless Steel Rings
Model Number NS-8022FC 

*Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information on dressage legal bits for each association is the most up to date and accurate, Bit Bank Australia accepts no liability for incorrect information - the responsibility is on the rider to make sure they are using equipment that follows the rules and regulations of their chosen discipline.


Product Reviews

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Neule Schule full cheek snaffle
Written by Maria Nolan on Mar 09, 2020

Have always been a huge fan of Neule Schule bits since I purchased a universal bit. This full cheek snaffle is amazing, my horse works incredible in it and loves it

Neule Schule full cheek snaffle
Written by Maria Nolan on Mar 09, 2020

The girls at Bit Bank were awesome. So knowledgeable. The Neule Schule full cheek snaffle is amazing and my horse loves it. I have always be3n a fan of Neule Schule bits having previously used a universal and a loose ring. The full cheek helps my horsr who gets a bit strong jumping, this bit helps with steering. Only flaw was i didnt get the free gift with purchase over a certain amount.