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Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt

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Stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily.
- The uniquely curved mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew, salivate and relax the jaw.
- The eggbutt cheek supports the contact in the corners of the lips, keeping the moputhpiece a little stiller wich can assist with horses that are fussy in the mouth.
- The join in the centre is angled forward, as with the KK Ultra and the mouthpiece is Aurigan or Sensogan with Stainless Steel cheeks. 
- Dressage Legal.

- 14mm mouthpiece with 65mm rings (pony 11.5cm size with smaller 55mm rings)
- Note: the cheek design on this bit is more shaped like a traditonal D-ring, than the rounder eggbutt.  The flatter sides against the horse's cheeks may give more directional control and clearer aids.

"I very rarely had a bit that worked so well an all horses.  The horses that are softer in the mouth are willing to step into the hand and the horses who are a little lighter in the poll are happier to accept the half halt giving hand.  Every horse I have ridden with a Dynamic RS improved considerably."  Showjumper and International Trainer, Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst

Notes from Bit Bank Australia:

SENSOGAN®  is available to purchase now- the Sprenger range from Bit Bank will be supplied in either Aurigan or Sensogan for the time being depending on what stcok is available immediately.  It is our understanding that Sensogan will eventaully replace all Aurigan stock available in Australia and will become more redily sourced than Aurigan.
NB: Sensogan bits are completly compatable with Aurigan if used together in a double- this has no adverse effects for the horse, nor will it contravene any competiton rules.


One of Bit Bank Australia's 5* Rated Horse Bits!

To gain a 5* rating from Bit Bank Australia the particuarly horse bit must meet these 5 criterior:

1. Available in a wide range of sizes
2. Designed to suit a wide range of horses and rider's needs
3. Quality finish for a comfortable fit
4. Designed with the horse's welfare in mind
5. Approved by hundreds of BBA past clients!


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  • 5

    Posted by Katie Everingham on Oct 25, 2023

    The only adequate description of this bit is “gourmet”. Holding it in your hand you can feel the balance.

  • 5
    Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt

    Posted by Sue Bradley on May 04, 2023

    The service from Burbank was really good. The idea of paying a bit extra to insure against the wrong choice of bit is wonderful. It certainly allows you to find do a way to get the correct bit for your horse. The quality of these bits is of an extremely high level.

  • 5
    Sprenger dynamic dee ring eggbutt

    Posted by Susan Tomlin on Mar 15, 2022

    Great service frim Bit Bank Australia

  • 5
    Improved contact

    Posted by Claire on May 09, 2021

    I was struggling with contact with my sensitive mare. Since changing to this bit she is much more willing to take up the contact and is improving every ride

  • 5

    Posted by Roz George on May 21, 2020

    Love this bit. I have two of them both horses I use them on are green and this bit has made it easy for them to learn to go into the contact on their own. Recommend this for anyone with a horse that is inconsistent with contact.

  • 5
    Wonderful bit

    Posted by Melissa Hodgins on Mar 16, 2020

    My OTTB loves this bit and it has helped him settle so much more into the bridle. Great service and great communication from Bit Bank when it was out of stock and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the order.

  • 5
    Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt

    Posted by Caryn Bulmer on Sep 03, 2019

    I’ve been very happy with this bit. My horse seems really comfortable with it. She is going much better since I started using it. The service at Bit Bank was helpful and prompt.

  • 5
    Love this bit

    Posted by kelly mckenna on Feb 07, 2018

    We have noticed a massive difference of acceptance with this bit on our OTTB mare, she is much more balanced in the canter with zero head throwing and giraffe impersonation. We had an improvement after the first ride sooo happy with this purchase.

  • 5
    Lovely soft bit

    Posted by on Jul 11, 2017

    I originally ordered this bit on advice from Charmae as my horse was very responsive to the bit but had trouble finding the contact. After one ride I noticed a difference. The horse was stretching more to find the contact, he was softer to steer and he felt much more balanced in the canter. I didn't feel like I was holding him up so much in the canter, which has been a real problem with us for a long time. The bit was heavier than what I was expecting but it didn't worry the horse. I will definitely be keeping this bit in mind when it comes to starting my young horse next year.