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Bombers Elliptical Dressage Eggbutt

Bombers Bits

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Encourage a forward contact seeking horse and alleviate tongue sensitivity issues!
The Lozenge on the Elliptical dressage is flattened on the bottom to give a larger softer surface area against the tongue. The join between the mouthpiece arms and lozenge has also been altered to lay as flat as possible, making this a super kind comfy bit.
The Eggbutt cheekpiece prevents pinching of the lips and give a slightly more solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth.
The Elliptical Dressage is a kind lozenge link with no Nutcracker effect.
All Bomber bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:
oxidises easily, encourages salivation, helps bit acceptance and is warm and sweet.

The 3 piece Elliptical Eggbutt is composed of a 45 mm lozenge, and 70mm Ring.


All Bomber bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note that due to the oxidisation the blue will fade with use.


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  • 5
    Lovely bit

    Posted by Francesca Bates on Apr 18, 2024

    Tried this bit on my Friesian stallion in desperation to find something soft but that he couldn't grab from me and this worked a treat. He felt lovely and comfortable he was no longer bunching up and it feels like were actually flowing together. Couldn't recommend this bit more highly.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Casey on Mar 18, 2024

    Has made a huge difference in my 19yo Standard Bred gelding. He feels calmer and more balanced and generally happier to work into a contact. Would recommend trying this one if your horse is reluctant to move forward or feeling unbalanced in the front.

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie Joyce on Oct 09, 2023

    Very happy with this bit, It has made loads of difference to my very heavy on the hand Andalusian X. He is a very happy boy in this bit.

  • 5
    Bombers Elliptical Dressage Eggbutt

    Posted by Briana on Oct 02, 2020

    I recently bought this bit as a replacement for a Neue Schule team up loose ring snaffle that is been using. After consulting the bit bank I decided to try the Bombers Elliptical Dressage eggbutt. I quickly discovered that my horse loves this bit! He can be inconsistent in the contact and I wanted something that would help him take the contact easily and without resistance. The stability of this eggbutt gave an instant improvement, and his acceptance was instantly noticeable by how foamy his mouth became. The wait was well worth it and guidance on type and size with the Bit Bank made the decision a lot easier. Thank you!

  • 5
    Bombers Dressage bit

    Posted by Fiona Selwyn on Aug 30, 2019

    Exalted bit has made a big difference to my daughter’s young Warmblood. We have changed from a D ring myler & difference is huge, he now much softer and head movement has stopped, he is happily going into the bit & coming through from behind & foaming so much it drops from his mouth

  • 5
    Fantastic bit!

    Posted by Simone Riley on Aug 02, 2018

    I am really happy with this bit. Much happier horse and much happier rider!

  • 5

    Posted by Clarissa Bentley on Oct 11, 2017

    What a difference! My little mare has been in this bit for 2 weeks now and I've noticed a huge difference already! She was never bad in the mouth but now you can really feel her seeking the bit. Gives a great feeling!

  • 5
    hige improvement

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 13, 2017

    I've just started using this bit on my big WB who had softness and turning issues under the suggestion of Charmae, and it's wonderful! Huge improvement, he's now more respectful and cannot tow me around the arena. Thank you!