Neue Schule Verbindend 9011

Neue Schule
Thickness 16mm
Ring Diameter 70mm

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About the Bit

A softness and lift you can truly feel! 

The Neue Schule Verbindend is one of our miracle bits for helping horses who are heavy on the forehand, resistant to the aids or getting the tongue over the bit without severity as a side effect. 

It is also helpful for riders looking for more refinement, bend and fine tuning in the lateral work. 

Your horse will be immediately more lifted from the shoulder with complete freedom of the tongue to encourage full range of hindquarter action and a true self carriage and feel of working through.   

This bit will help with NOT recommended for
  • Leaning on the reins

  • On the forehand

  • Tongue Evasions

  • Pulling

  • Transitioning to a double

  • Small rider - big horse combination

  • Lateral work

  • Relaxing the jaw

  • Fine tuning

  • Overactive mouth

  • Horses who are bar (lower jaw) sensitive

  • Riders with unsteady hands

  • Horses Inconsistent in the contact



The loose ring allows for an instant release from pressure and softer more refined feel through the reins. It also enables the horse to move the mouthpiece to where it is most comfortable.


Dressage legality*


EA Dressage - YES

EA Eventing Dressage - YES

Pony Club - YES



How it should fit

The Verbindend Loose Ring must fit snug with only 2-5mm gap between the lip and the hole in the mouthpiece. This bit does run small due to the curve so please order ¼ of a size larger than your horses current well fitting bit.


Technical Information

Brand Neue Schule

Model  Verbindend

Mouthpiece Size 5”-6.5” in 1/4 size increments

Mouthpiece Thickness 16mm

Ring Diameter 70mm

Material Salox GoldTM Mouthpiece with highly polished Stainless Steel Rings

Model Number NS-9011 


*Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information on dressage legal bits for each association is the most up to date and accurate, Bit Bank Australia accepts no liability for incorrect information - the responsibility is on the rider to make sure they are using equipment that follows the rules and regulations of their chosen discipline.


Ring Diameter:

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings)
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Neue Schule Verbindend 9011 Review
Written by Sue W on Apr 07, 2021

I used a NSV 5.25" bit successfully on my WBxASH mare. I recently bought a ClydexTB and the old bit seemed to fit OK (no pinching etc). However her mouth appears to be bigger than the previous mare's, so I ordered the 5.5" for the new horse. Just in case I was being a bit fussy and the new bit wasn't really needed I also paid for the return insurance. However, I am glad that I got the larger size as the new mare seems to be steadier (less chomping) on the larger bit.

NC Verbindend
Written by Jo on Nov 14, 2020

I contacted Bit Bank to see if this bit would be the best for what we needed and yes it was. The change when using it was profound. I truely didn't expect that much of a difference. However we now had no leaning in the canters, so it meant I could ride better and have a more positive influence, he was lighter and more up, instead or getting a bit bigger down in his canter work. One ride and I was sold. If your horse can get a little heavy or on the forehand, give this a go. Still soft, still a kind snaffle, but works so well.

Neue Schule Verbindend 9011
Written by Marianne Donnelly on Oct 13, 2020

The bit was well made and fitted well.

My saviour
Written by Sharni on Oct 06, 2020

For years I have dealt with on and off mouth problems with my very large Warmblood. I have had bit fittings, consulted professionals, tried at least 30 different types, brands and styles of bits and hackamore, and yet nothing ever worked or for very long if it did. My boy is not strong, he doesn’t pull or lean and I ride with a very still, independent and kind hand. So after years of trying, and failing, a friend lent me her NS Verbindend and I instantly fell in love and had to buy one! Ever since, my horse has travel still and quiet in the mouth, lifted through the shoulder, and stopped all pinching, rubbing and blistering of his lips!!

Neue Schule Verbindend 9011
Written by Beatrix on Aug 26, 2020

Very happy with this bit. My horse is an anxious "chomper" and when I tried this bit the chomping has decreased by at least 75%. He is more willing to come through properly and take a steady contact without leaning on my hand.

Verbindend 9011 review
Written by Larissa Bilston on Jul 16, 2020

I couldn't believe how much better my big prelim level warmblood went in this bit from the very first ride!

My bit
Written by Sue Walker on Jun 17, 2020

I have a 17hh very powerful big warm blood that tends to hold the bit too strongly — my newNeue Schule bit has definitely helped me get a better and more consistent connection with a much softer feel — thanks Bit Bank

Written by Katie Everingham on Jun 11, 2020

My TB pulls like a train, always has, he was raced in every bit of lugging/pulling gear available!! This bit has given me so much more control without being nasty. If he starts to lean on my hands now I can just lift his shoulder and soften him without an argument. 100% recommended this bit.

Neue Schule Verbindend 9011 - Love It!
Written by Teresa D'Aquino on Mar 20, 2020

My horse has always been fussy with the bit, wanting to drop behind the contact & holding tension through the jaw & pole. The Neue Schule Verbindend 9011 immediately solved all of these issues & he is a much happier horse now.

Very happy
Written by Tearna on Oct 01, 2019

I thought I would try this bit as the standard lozenge snaffle seemed too thick for my pony and she tended to grab at it. She seems much more comfortable and responsive using this bit.

Written by Emily Robinson on Sep 18, 2019

This bit is SO AMAZING!! Had a lesson two days after purchasing it and my instructor commented on how much softer my horse was looking. Can’t recommend this bit enough!

Love it
Written by Casey Pierpoint on Sep 11, 2019

Great bit, does exactly as advertised. My strong, heavy thoroughbred has softened dramatically and doesn’t bore down anywhere near as often since switching to this bit!

Maybe Verbindend
Written by Kate catt on Jul 25, 2019

This bit has made a huge difference to my little thoroughbred mare, who was really heavy in the contact. Since using the Verbindend she has lifted the pole and really softened through the neck and jaw. Highly recommended

A wonderful bit that makes a difference - NS Verbindend 9011
Written by Katherine on Jun 25, 2019

Thanks to the wonderful service and advice from the ladies at Bit Bank Australia, I recently purchased the Neue Schule Verbindend 9011 bit to counteract my 16.2hh warmblood, dressage horse being heavy on the forearm and leaning on the bit. Despite reading the reviews, reading the product description and speaking with the ladies, I didn't think that the bit would make as much difference as it has. It has made a tremendous change to my riding and my horse seems to be very happy with it too. He offers a lot more self courage now and is more longitudinal supple than when ridden in his previous bit. I would highly recommend this bit to a rider wanting their horse to carry itself and engage its shoulders more.

Written by alex Pinter on Jan 21, 2019

Super bit! Advice from Bit Bank always on the money!

neue scule verbinded 9011
Written by faye felmingham on Aug 05, 2018

awesome marked improvement, have noticed the biggest improvement on course jumping.

Great product
Written by Sarah Capon on Jul 09, 2018

Very happy with this bit - you can tell the difference in quality between the NS bits and cheaper alternatives. My horse is much more responsive and connected in this bit. The Bit Bank were a great help when selecting the right bit for my horse!

Neue Schule verbindend 9011 bit
Written by Natasha Jefferys on Jun 12, 2018

Just purchased this bit and wow made such a difference, my horse is giving better tonthe bit more responsive and a lot softer. This is after the first ride.

love it
Written by Kellie Mitchell on Feb 19, 2018

sits beautifully in my friesian warmbloods mouth and he seems really happy with it. thanks for the baroque blog post and subsequent advice!!

Neue Schule Verbindend
Written by Jade on Nov 21, 2017

Love these bits. I have a few in different sizes and use them on everything from young breakers, trail riding and horses out competing. I recommend these to everyone as they are such an all purpose bit that the horses love.

Written by Mareeka on Oct 13, 2017

I have a TB who was leaning / pulling heavily on a standard french link snaffle. After reading reviews on this bit I thought I would give it a try - and I am glad I did. He doesn't pull / lean as much and I still have control between transitions.

Super happy with this bit!
Written by Stacey on Sep 29, 2017

The bit has eliminated my horses head tossing completely. He is a lot softer into the contact now, leans much, much less and has become much more consistant in to the contact. My instructor couldn't believe the difference in him. He is also much happier in the mouth, doesn't gape his mouth open anymore at all either. Very happy with this bit and how it is assisting with my horses progression.

Neue Schule Verbindend 9011- Already seeing the difference
Written by Sally Cowan on Sep 23, 2017

After only two rides, the first one at a lesson my horse is lighter in hand, more responsive to the hand aids and has stopped his chewing of the bit and trying to shove it out to the near side. Great fit, and great help in getting the correct size. Turned up in 2 working days as well.

best snaffle on the market
Written by ash on Jun 21, 2017

After attending a carl Hester master class and one of his riders where using this bit I decided to buy one. I tried it on my very heavy warmblood with great success. I love everything about its shape and how it's sits in her mouth. She is usually very accepting and salavates a lot. We had foam everywhere with this bit, and she was unable to lean on it. Highly recommend

pleastanly suprised
Written by Nicky Sheridan on Jun 14, 2017

Taking a huge chance in purchasing a bit of this price I have used it on two of my thoroughbreds and the difference is amazing they're both two different horses but they're relaxed and willing to go forward... I would definitely buy more of these bits.. And to deal with Bit Bank Australia their advice was flawless

I never believed a bit could make such a huge difference!!
Written by Claire H on Sep 29, 2016

It's the best bit I have ever used. My warmblood use to chew and lean on his old bit all the time. I use to find it so hard to get him off the forehand in canter because he would pull straight through me and I had no control. When it came to us moving up the levels in dressage I couldn't do any smaller tighter circles as I didn't have the control I needed and I couldn't refine any movements. The Neue Schule Verbindend gave me more control instantly. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I was riding a completely new horse. As Soon as I put it in his mouth he instantly liked it more and didn't chew on it once. When I rode him he was lighter and I had heaps more control. I can now train his canter to be more up hill smaller circle work has become so much easier and I can keep his poll up higher so he isn't dropping onto the forehand. I am very happy with this bit and would recommend talking to the lovely charmae from bit bank to find out if this but is right for you.

no more tongue over the bit!
Written by Renee on Sep 21, 2016

This bit has definitely helped stop my horse a OTTT from getting his tongue over the bit. It hasn't so far helped with the head tilting but I'm very impressed with what it has done so far. Great help and advice from BBA in choosing the right bit for my horse

Good product, good service
Written by Melissa McKay on Aug 02, 2016

I was really impressed with my whole experience from BBA. I was given advice, options and all around good service. I bought this bit for my young Friesian Sporthorse gelding. He is a strong animal and his brain goes overtime all the time! Using this bit he more willing to move forward and stretch and his mouth is happier (less fiddling!). Thank you again to BBA for all your help and assistance.

Well designed bit
Written by undefined on Mar 16, 2016

My horse loves this new bit. It seems to be a lot more comfortable for him, he accepts it better and doesn't chew on it or have his mouth open with it. Very happy with the overall performance of the bit.

No gimmick it works.
Written by Renee on Nov 04, 2015

Felt that I was just a bit stuck with certain areas of my training. Although my horse is very light for some aids he can be heavy on the forehand and fall in on the right rein , which made inconsistent canter leads - maybe getting 2 out of 10. I have only ridden in it 3 times but gaining much more shoulder control and achieving 6 out of 10 correct canter. Found that he is tending to be a lot more relaxed in the mouth and lower in the poll. Still early days but very pleased so far. The service from BB is always 10 out of 10. Thank you.

Creating lift and lightness
Written by Alecia on Nov 08, 2014

I have a large warmblood who has a tendency to be heavy in the hand and on the forehand with work. I wasn't sure what to expect with the first ride in the bit but I have to say he was immediately lighter and very accepting of the bit with the first ride. I have been a big supporter of Sprenger (and I probably always will) but I am very impressed with Neue Schule Verbindend.

Gentle & Effective
Written by Esprit Performance Horses on Oct 23, 2013

I started my young Warmblood in the Neue Schule Starter from breaking in, she is built uphill so we wanted to encourage her to accept the bit and lengthen forward and down into the contact, after 12 months with the starter bit I moved her to the Verbindend to encourage lightness of the forehand and she has accepted the change amazingly the bit is effective and allows greater positioning while maintaining light supple contact and still allowing the horse to come through with no tension.

Creating lift!
Written by undefined on Sep 10, 2013

I was so impressed with the responce by my OTT with the use of this bit. She had a tendency to be very strong in hand and now has lightened and softened in the front, so much so that we have been able to increase the intensity of our work. We are now heading for our first Elementary test this weekend and really believe that this bit has made a huge difference!

Big Change
Written by undefined on Jun 07, 2013

I tried a few bits and my horse seemed to be the same in all of them. He is a Clydesdale X and has a very strong neck and tends to lock it and his jaw at times. I found that with this bit he has been far more responsive to my rein aids and he has been much softer and relaxed in the jaw. I highly recommend this bit, it's definately the best purchase I have made, I just wish that I had tried it earlier.

Great for my experienced horses
Written by PVS Training & Equine Services - Pamela Schuler on Oct 31, 2011

I was looking for a bit for my Advance/PSG dressage mare who is quite sensitive in the mouth and doesn't like much tounge pressure. I use this bit with my double bridle & find that of all the bits that I have tried with this horse, this bit works the best with our double bridle. The mare also work in the same bit in the snaffle bridle. She can get a bit still in the mouth and doesn't like to relax, with the metal used in this bit plus correct training helping her to relax, she is now chewing a little more and letting go in her jaw. Highly recommend the Neue Schule range and use them where possible.