Neue Schule Verbindend Bridoon 9010

Neue Schule

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Do you need a dressage legal bridoon that offers extra lift and control?
-  Offers extra lift from the shoulder, promoting throughness and self carriage. 
-  Designed to eradicate tongue evasions by creating a channel for the tongue to lie in causing the horse to soften and relax through the jaw.
- Also enhances the bend for lateral work and voltes etc.
- Offers fine tuning for experience rider or a lighter softer horse for the pleasure rider.
- This bridoon can be used alone as a snaffle for very fat tongued or heavy horses, though it is ot recommneded for young or green horses due to the 12mm thick mouthpiece.
- The Verbindend Bridoon can be helpful for riders with a horse that tends to be a little strong or heavy in the hand, and will particularly suit the fatter tongued warmbloods.  The Verbindend Bridoon (Verbindend meaning "connection") is very popular and used with great sucess by many of the world's top riders.
- Dressage Legal.
- 9010- 12mm mouthpiece with 55mm bridoon.

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NS Verbindend Bridoon
Written by alexandra medved on Jul 15, 2020

As always great service from the Bit Bank! The NS Verbindend is the perfect partner for the NS Starter Weymouth, and my sensitive but at times strong mare has taken to this combination with plenty of confidence.

It really works
Written by Sarah on Jan 04, 2019

I have been having a lot of troubles with my horse being strong on a trail ride and very inconsistent with head carriage in dressage training. He was very unhappy tossing his head, stiff jaw clamped shut, wrenching the reins out of my hands and opening his mouth when i asked him to soften. I had bought many bits without success. I borrowed a friends Verbindend and my horse was a lot lighter in my hands and wasn't ripping the reins out of my hands and softening with a small half halt. I bought the Verbindend Bridoon because i needed a smaller ring for my bridle, and the thinner mouth piece appealed to me because my horse has a very fleshy tongue. I can honestly say he is getting better and better every ride! He is lighter in the forehand and his nose isn't poked out in front of him in the canter. The canter was the hardest gait for us to have a soft frame and he is finding it so much easier to seek the contact. He was much easier to stop on a trail ride too and i was even able to bring him back behind a friend who was cantering - i could never have done this in the past. Thank you Charmae for suggesting i try this bit again and for all the emails back and forth. It really is an amazing bit and really does do what it says. I'm relieved my horse is finally happy and we can progress in our training.

Neue Schule Verbindend bridoon review
Written by Paula Harrington on Oct 10, 2018

I really enjoy using this bit - I have 2x very differant mouthed horses doing medium dressage & find it works for both of them. One horse is quite dull in the mouth & can be strong - the other horses doesnt like too much bit contact. The Verbindend bridoon works equally as well for both horses to create a consistant bit contact .

Neue schule verbinden
Written by Vicki on Jul 30, 2018

Still very early days. I have great hopes that this bit will help me with warmblood that currently has no respect for a snaffle and makes my riding lots of hard work. Hopefully changes will be more obvious in the next few weeks.

Written by Holly on Jul 09, 2018

I absolutely love this bit, it has stopped my Galloway from hanging and allows me to correct him quickly.

Great bit!
Written by Siobhan on Jul 09, 2018

This bit does everything it promised and more! It's turned my extremely heavy and hard to bend warmblood into a super light bendy horse! Very impressed with this bit

So much better connection
Written by Diane Humm on Feb 07, 2018

I use this bradoon with the NS Warmblood Weymouth and it is perfect for my fat tongued mare who is prone to want to lean on me. As soon as I added this bradoon the connection was much better and where she can be inclined to shorten the neck and get tight in the gullet, I found in this bit she is happier to stretch her nose forward and seek the contact, while still staying up and light.

Written by Robyn on Oct 02, 2015

This bit is fabulous and works really well. I purchased one earlier this year and have been using it on my heavy in the hand warmblood mare. I can't believe the difference it has made, she is so much lighter and forward moving. I liked it so much that I borrowed a friends to use it on another mare that likes to be rude and do it her way. Absolute success so I purchased another one.

Great for the Irish Sport Horse!
Written by Gillian on Nov 02, 2011

Love this bit. My horse is less inclined to go on the forehand and is much more relaxed. I like the way it isn't too bulky.

Keep it a secrete
Written by Josephine on Oct 31, 2011

If your friends know about it - they will all want to borrow it!!! Lovely quality bit which I've found seems to fit slightly smaller - for example Ive used the 5" on a pony that was previously taking a 4 & a half in a plain eggbutt snaffle. The pony infact had the most miraculous reaction to it - he'd previously always had a tendency to chomp and grind, and although light and listening for adult riders, would get heavy easily for his younger charges. In the Verbindend he was instantly happier, he stopped the chomping within a minute of getting it in his mouth, you could almost see the relief on his face - he then proceeded and continues to give the kids, a super elastic contact with no inclination to become heavy. Ive had people try it with horses that have tendencys come behind the bit and exceeding light in the contact and the results have have not been as positive - so not the bit for everyone. Feel it best suits a horse thats confident in their contact, but with the inclination to take too stronger hold or the type with a fleshy tounge that's not comfortable or responsive in a thicker mouthpiece.

Good for heavy horses
Written by Jessica Blackwell on Oct 31, 2011

I use this bit for my horse who leans a lot. It stops her leaning but it also encourages her to reach for the bit in a more lighter manner. An excellent bit for schooling. It also allows me to communicate her with a lighter rein pressure.

So happy :)
Written by Gabrielle Cornelius on Oct 31, 2011

I've never been one to get excited about bits until I purchased the Neue Schule Verbindend .The difference it has made to my horse's contact is huge.He is alot lighter in the hand and less fussy with his mouth.I now own 3x of these bits using one on another horse as well who has gone from ducking behind the bit to now giving me a steady,poll high contact.I also use the bit as my bradoon with the Neue Schule Weymouth.Beautiful quality.I have now put three friends onto these bits and all love them as well.Both my horses are WB's but my friends are 2 TB's and 1x crossbreed.