Neue Schule Team Up Snaffle 9009

Neue Schule

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Develop the partnership with this gentle all purpose snaffle bit!
- Ergonomically curved, guaranteeing a very even, gentle weight distribution.  Aligns itself under the upper palate and encompasses the tongue.
- Recommended for fussy, overactive mouths. 
- Reinforces the turning aids.
- This bit encourages softening through the jaw and lengthening of the neck.  It can help encourage a more "seeking" forward and consistent contact with the bit.
- Dressage Legal.
- 9009- 16mm with 70mm rings (5"-6" in 1/4" increments)


Emily Balwin- UK Neue Schule Sponsored Rider: "The bit I use the most and start out with on all of my horses is the Neue Schule Team Up.  They are happy to be soft and round without sitting behind it, or leaning on it. I haven't yet found a horse who isn't happy in it."


One of Bit Bank Australia's 5* Rated Horse Bits!
To gain a 5* rating from Bit Bank Australia the particularly horse bit must meet these 5 criteria:

1. Available in a wide range of sizes
2. Designed to suit a wide range of horses and rider's needs
3. Quality finish for a comfortable fit
4. Designed with the horse's welfare in mind
5. Approved by hundreds of BBA past clients!

Product Reviews

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The most amazing bit
Written by Aysha Quinones on Jan 09, 2021

I bought this bit for my huge OTTB who is a little mouthy and he absolutely loves it...he is way more responsive and less fussy with his mouth. Highly recommended

Amazing Service!
Written by Kate on Dec 04, 2019

Thank you so much to Charmae and the BitBank Australia team, my bit arrived in lightning speed time and was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Neue Shule 9009
Written by Jo Gerschwitz on Jul 12, 2019

My horse loves this bit, he hates too much pressure in any one spot. He has accepted this bit beautifully and is nice and quiet in his mouth, an accepting contact happily.

Fantastic bit!
Written by Ruby on Oct 24, 2018

Use this bit for all 3 phases (dressage, jump, x-country) and is such a reliable bit to have. Simple but does it's job. Great bit, highly recommend!

cant go wrong!
Written by char zwar on Sep 29, 2016

The NS team up snaffle is a must have for any riders tack box. It's a gentle bit which has worked wonders for a horse that didn't appreciate the tounge pressure, now she's soft and happy. It's a bit that you'll use time and time again, you can't go wrong!!

Happy thoroughbred!
Written by undefined on Oct 02, 2013

My TB ex-racehorse that likes to play with his tongue has previously not liked contact - either reefing or falling behind the bit, but with the Team Up, he not only takes the contact but his work is improving and his back is swinging. The improvement is amazing!

every horse i have owned loves this bit
Written by shayne winkenwerder on Oct 31, 2011

every horse i have owned loves this bit, always accepted without fuss, makes ny current horse relaxed and working into bridle, no more little tiny steps and playong with the bit, would recommend this bit any time