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New from Neue Schule - The Turtle Tactio!

Does your horse have a large tongue or sensitive tongue and bars?

Do you currently use a noseband?

The Turtle Tactio™ is Neue Schule's latest development to bring to you a mouthpiece with superior comfort for the horse with a large tongue or sensitive bars.
Testing and feedback has found a dramatic decrease in the use of a noseband in horses that use the Turtle Tactio.

This bit is so comfortable and kind in the mouth that horses acceptance of the bit is increased, as they have no pain or discomfort associated with the bit.

- 70mm ring size

- Dressage Legal

Available in NEW XS size!


X-Small - 4"-4.5"

Small - 4.5"-5"


Medium - 5"-5.25"


Large - 5.5-5.75"


Extra Large - 5.75"-6.25"


XXL - 6.25"-6.5"


Charmae's Comments -

The Turtle Tactio was awarded Highly Commended at BETA International Innovation Award 2016, the Judges explained what made them rate the product so highly: ‘We loved seeing a product where horse welfare and comfort are the paramount concerns – along with inspired innovation.’

Product Reviews

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Tactio N/S
Written by Julie on Oct 31, 2019

Love these bits. Have a few different ones now and this is one of my faves. Great customer service, always happy to help when I message.

Recent purchase
Written by Kaylene McCarthy on Feb 26, 2018

Excellent service and delivery. Was recommended to this business to purchase a specific style of bit by Mark Kenzig. The new bit has made my horse softer and more responsive, especially as he likes to play with the bit with his tongue. Thank you

Best Bit Ever!
Written by Judy. on Jun 11, 2017

My OTT had severe problems with bits after being raced in a tongue tie.He constantly fiddled the bit with his tongue and would not go forward into a contact at all, to the point where I rode him in a bitless bridle. I purchased the Turtle Tactio in the hopes that it would help to transition the horse back to a bit again, and was astonished at the difference in the horse from the moment I put it on him. His mouth was completely still, at rest and on the lunge, and after 3 rides in the this bit, is going forward and starting to relax a bit and stretch into the contact. I'm extremely happy with the Turtle Tactio - I love the way it sits in the horse's mouth, plus the wonderful soft, sensitive connection I have with the horse. A win for both my horse and me!

Perfect bit for my horse!
Written by Danielle on Jun 02, 2017

I spent the winter riding my horse in a bitless bridle and he loved it. Switching back to the bit to get ready for show season was not pleasant for either of us. I emailed Bit Bank to find out what I should try, and they suggested this bit. My horse is so much happier! Almost as happy as with the bitless. Thanks so much!!!

Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Snaffle
Written by amanda winstanley on Jun 21, 2016

My horse is loving the new Turtle bit. He's become much softer and lighter when schooling with no signs of any previous resistance. I also like the fact we can buy these bits in XL and XXL, as my Clydie cross type is on the larger size.