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Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Zlida

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The Turtle Tactio Zlida is an extremely clever cheek design that offers multiple benefits as it combines the directional enhancement gained from using a fixed cheek such as a Dee Ring, whilst retaining the feel and response associated with a Loose Ring.


It is also a great training tool for flatwork as it improves the horse’s balance and outline, allowing for softer, straighter, and cleaner transitions.


The Turtle Tactio Zlida is often sourced for kind speed control as it amplifies the rider’s rein aids for a downward transition.  An ideal choice for those riders that wish to retain their dressage legal snaffle for schooling and competition, but just need a little more help when out and about enjoying those fun activities.


Very mild mouthpieces tend to give an overly wooden feel through the rein.  However, the Turtle Tactio combines comfort with increased feel and response.  The Tactio is an extremely clever design as it utilises the centre of the tongue, relieving pressure over the more sensitive outer edges and bars.  Thus encouraging the horse to relax, leaving the tongue on the floor of the mouth, cushioning, and protecting the bars.


A favourite with pleasure and competition riders alike.  Indeed many have found that they can dispense with the flash as the horse no longer feels the need to open the mouth.