Neue Schule Turtle Top Snaffle 70mm ring

Neue Schule

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About the Bit
Is your horse inconsistent in the contact, chomping or chewing on the bit or tossing its head?
The Turtle Top is here to answer your prayers!
The Turtle Top which is inspired by the shell of the box turtle, prevents downward pressure to the horse’s tongue encouraging the horse to accept the bit and take the contact forward. The Turtle Top link is also flattened to lower pallet pressure and restricts the movement in mouthpiece, keeping it still and steady in the horse’s mouth. 

This bit will help with

  • Chomping or chewing on bit 

  • Getting Tongue over the bit

  • Tongue sticking out of mouth 

  • Inconsistent in the contact

  • Tossing head

  • Sucking behind the contact

  • Opening mouth

NOT recommended for

  • Horses that are bar sensitive

Cheek piece 
A loose ring offers an instant release from pressure giving the horse an instant reward for being in the correct position.

Dressage legality*
EA Dressage - YES
EA Eventing Dressage - YES
Pony Club - YES

How it should fit
The Turtle Top snaffle should fit fairly snug with only 2-5mm gap between the lip and the ring. The Neue Schule bits are made with a deep bevel making it almost impossible for the ring and mouthpiece to pinch the horses lips.

Technical Information
Neue Schule
Model  Turtle Top Snaffle
Mouthpiece Size S (4.5”-5”), M (5.25”-5.5”), L (5.5”-5.75”), XL (5.75”-6.25”), XXL (6.25”-6.5”)
Mouthpiece Thickness 16mm
Ring Diameter 70mm
Material Salox GoldTM Mouthpiece with highly polished Stainless Steel Rings
Model Number NS-7023 70

*Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information on dressage legal bits for each association is the most up to date and accurate, Bit Bank Australia accepts no liability for incorrect information - the responsibility is on the rider to make sure they are using equipment that follows the rules and regulations of their chosen discipline.




Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings)
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Turtle mouth
Written by Sharon McCarthy on Jan 05, 2021

After having a few contact issues I spoke to the wonderful ladies at the Bit Bank and the recommended the nueu Schule turtle mouth . My horse is much happier and the contact has definitely improved

Neue Schule Turtle Top Snaffle 70mm
Written by Leanne on Nov 05, 2020

I purchased this bit recently for my OTT, and the difference it made was felt immediately Once again another great bit from Neue Schule

Bit review
Written by Sharli on Oct 06, 2020

All I can say is WOW! This bit has been such a game changer for my ottb Danny and our partnership together. It’s funny how something that I looked past so often ended up being the issue. I never thought changing the bit would make such a difference. The whole bit bank team are fantastic to deal with, recommending this bit. Danny can get quite anxious when contact is first taken up and will be overactive in the mouth but as this bit kind of ‘locks’ it doesn’t allow him to play with it equaling in a much more consistent contact. He also no longer sucks behind the contact and is much more willing! This bit is amazing and the quality is outstanding! 10/10 from me!

Bit review
Written by Sarah Morris on Aug 31, 2020

Made a huge difference to the way my horse is going straight away. So much happier. Fantastic bit and great service

Turtle top flex snaffle bit
Written by Diana Proctor on Aug 19, 2020

This bit is great, my OTTB has settled with his mouth and is now working nicely

Neue Schule Turtle Top
Written by Sarah Heighway on Jun 04, 2020

Brilliant bit. Has transformed my horse. So happy.

Neue schule
Written by Karon on Feb 11, 2020

Fantastic bit my horses come straight into my hand I have two one for each horse highly recommend

I love my turtle top bit
Written by Judith on Jul 02, 2019

And what’s more the service I received was great, complete with expert advice over the phone.

Turtle Top Snaffle
Written by Karon Thompson on Jun 05, 2019

Good bit but it keeps pinching him in the sides of his mouth

Neue Schule Turtle Top
Written by Laura on May 31, 2018

Cannot recommend this bit highly enough for fussy mouths! I have a green OTT that raced with a tongue tie and cross over noseband and so his tongue is so active and he even hangs it out his mouth. I switched to this paired with a micklem bridle after reading the article the bit bank published and my fussy mouth horse has almost stopped. He is definitely 110% better in just a few rides and as he learns his job I believe it’s only going to get better. This is the second bit these guys have suggested (for different horses) and every time the horses have been instantly so much happier and easier to ride!

Fantastic Bit
Written by Dal on May 16, 2018

My horse would constantly chew the bit and pull. He was very inconsistent in the contact. Since using this bit from the first ride, the change in my horse has been incredible. he is so much happier, does not pull or chew and softens nicely. I highly recommend this bit for that busy mouth.

Brilliant bit
Written by Jane on Dec 06, 2017

This bridle has changed my sensitive-mouthed OTTB’s world. In combination with the Micklem bridle’s tongue and bar protection system, he no longer tries to put his tongue over the bit or tosses his head. The difference was immediate. I would never use anything else.

Neue Schule Turtle Top Snaffle
Written by Leigh on Nov 08, 2017

My young warmblood has been very light and fussy in the mouth since an incident with a wolf tooth when first started and this was the fourth bit I'd tried to find him something he could trust. So far, we have had only 4 rides with it, but the degree of chomping has reduced substantially and he is actually taking a hold of the bit in a comfortable contact for much of the time. So relieved and can highly recommend for those horses with a fussy mouth.

Neue Schule turtle top
Written by faye on Oct 06, 2017

omg 1st ride yesterday with new bit, Morris went awesome, quite a big difference am very impressed, hopefully todays ride will be just as good, thankyou for your excellent knowledge and suggesting I try this bit.

most comfortable bit
Written by undefined on Jul 06, 2017

I tried my new turtle top bit today. . My horse found it very comfortable. He didn't pull at the reins or shake his head at all. Very impressed with this bit.

Excellent concept amazing what a change in a bit can do
Written by undefined on Nov 04, 2015

I purchased this bit on trial for my young, very fussy mouthed 4yo whom I broke in and has been fussy with bits since the start - having his teeth done 3 times by expert dentist I was starting to worry I couldn't fix this. I tried this bit and although he is still not quite there yet in the walk the trot and canter is great. I tried this bit on my other horse, an eventer but training elementary/medium on flat and the change in him was amazing - he gets quite strong in the collection work as he finds it hard due to his desire to go fast and this bit has allowed me to make subtle half half and keep him with me more. It has also some how created more softness. Very very happy with this bit and I will be ordering another one so I don't have to keep swapping the one bit from bridle to bridle - a bit that has seen a huge change in both my horses in a way I have never experienced before with a bit change. Thankyou.