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Neue Schule Turtle Top Bridoon

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About the Bit
Is your horse inconsistent in the contact, chomping or chewing on the bit or tossing its head? Are you needing a bridoon which gives your horse some tongue relief but can be paired with a Weymouth?
The Turtle Top is here to answer your prayers! 
The Turtle Top which is inspired by the shell of the box turtle, prevents downward pressure to the horse’s tongue encouraging the horse to accept the bit and take the contact forward. The Turtle Top link is also flattened to lower pallet pressure and restricts the movement in mouthpiece, keeping it still and steady in the horse’s mouth. 

This bit will help with

  • Chomping or chewing on bit 

  • Getting Tongue over the bit

  • Tongue sticking out of mouth

  • Inconsistent in the contact

  • Tossing head

  • Sucking behind the contact

  • Opening mouth

NOT recommended for

  • Horses that are bar sensitive

Cheek piece 
A loose ring offers an instant release from pressure giving the horse an instant reward for being in the correct position.
Dressage legality*
EA Dressage - YES
EA Eventing Dressage - YES
Pony Club - YES

How it should fit

The Turtle Top snaffle should fit fairly snug with only 2-5mm gap between the lip and the ring. The Neue Schule bits are made with a deep bevel making it almost impossible for the ring and mouthpiece to pinch the horses lips.

Technical Information
Neue Schule
Model  Turtle Top bridoon
Mouthpiece Size S (4.5”-5”), M (5.25”-5.5”), L (5.5”-5.75”), XL (5.75”-6.25”), XXL (6.25”-6.5”)
Mouthpiece Thickness 16mm
Ring Diameter 55mm
Material Salox GoldTM Mouthpiece with highly polished Stainless Steel Rings
Model Number NS-7023 55

*Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information on dressage legal bits for each association is the most up to date and accurate, Bit Bank Australia accepts no liability for incorrect information - the responsibility is on the rider to make sure they are using equipment that follows the rules and regulations of their chosen discipline.


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  • 4
    Neue Schule Turtle Top Medium Bridoon Rings

    Posted by Sian fuss on Feb 10, 2024

    I got this bit for my green broke 5yr she was quite active with her mouth and tongue and would sometimes throw her head about when pressure put on the bit, with the new bit it took a couple of ride for her to accomodate the new bit she was just ducking down a little she has now settled into the bit really well her half halts and any correction with the reins or bit it met with a lot more submission and a lot less resistance, she now has not tried to get her tongue over the bit at all and it’s great for her as it allows for ample tongue relief.

  • 5
    beautiful fitting bit

    Posted by Kimba Abraham on Sep 06, 2021

    Apprears to keep horse relaxed and stop head tossing

  • 5
    Great bit, recommend for fussy horses

    Posted by Kelsey on Mar 24, 2021

    Really pleased with this bit on my young mare who wasn’t mouthed well at breaking in. She’s happy with it in her mouth and has stopped her head tossing when asked for softness and flexion.

  • 5
    Excellent Bit

    Posted by Agatha on Nov 17, 2020

    Really good bit, helped a lot with eliminating a heavy contact, tense jaw and pulling. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    NS Turtle Top Snaffle

    Posted by Karlene on Mar 02, 2020

    Fantastic bit. My fussy, sensitive, green pony is so much more settled in the contact with this bit. It also works a treat on my daugthers Welsh B Pony who is a bit harder in the mouth; she is more wanting to accept the contact rather than fight it. Just about to buy another one!

  • 5
    NS Turtle Top bit

    Posted by Jenny Fenech on Sep 03, 2019

    After reading your article on freisians and baroque breeds being hard to find the right bit I gave you a call. My sensitive young friesian/andalusian mare does have a low palate and thick tongue and wasnt excepting contact and had a busy mouth, what a difference horse since riding her in a Turtle Top snaffle, shes excepting contact now and not rushing and is salivating and relaxed, I am using this bit for my other freisian warmblood and shes going great and competing in dressage competitions. Thankyou for your great advice, I highly recommend The Bit Bank.

  • 5
    Amazing bit!!!

    Posted by Emma on Sep 19, 2018

    Absolutely love this bit. My 14hh pony was using the Sprenger eggbutt which was awesome as it allowed her to really take the contact however she needed something to make her a touch lighter This turtle top has made her nice and soft in the contact and she loves it!!!

  • 5
    An interesting version of the French snaffle

    Posted by Nadia on Aug 16, 2018

    Sold as the answer for horses who are very fussy or sensitive, this bit is, like all NS bits, very well made with exacting engineering. The Turtle Top link is interesting, as it effectively locks the bit in a specific angle, meaning there is no nutcracker action, but also no ability for the horse to move the parts of the bit around to get it comfortable. Definitely a possible solution for horses who dislike the classic loose ring and need something more steady.

  • 5
    Ns turtle top

    Posted by Rebecca Taylor on Feb 01, 2018

    An instant improvement. Much happier horse and hes happily working with contact. Very good advice from charmaine. I 100% recommend