Neue Schule Turtle Top Universal

Neue Schule

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The groundbreaking Turtle Top now available in a universal!

This innovation is brilliant for the over-active busy mouth that chomps and chews on the mouthpiece. Turtle TopTM with Flex keeps the mouthpiece centred and arched over the tongue at all times, safely helping to prevent sideways tongue evasions. This comfortable mouthpiece re-focuses the inattentive mouth back onto the rein aids in order to achieve a soft consistent contact.

The Universal cheek provides a number of rein options including the option of a curb strap. But whatever option you choose, the flattened underside of the FlexZ cannons with their anatomy-inspired recesses are held parallel to the tongue whatever riding activity you enjoy.

Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate.


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Superb bit
Written by Darlene on Aug 11, 2020

My horse was always a bit speedy and would grab his eggbutt snaffle and fight, leaving me feeling less in control. After trialing the turtle top universal through a friend I was amazed at the positive result almost instantaneously. We have control before and after the fence, no racing & I do not even have to fight anymore for control. I do not have to use any pulling power on the bit to regain that control, it’s very much effortless now. He is less sweaty after a lesson due to being less stressed. This bit is a winner for us!