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My Top 5 Bits for Dressage

My Top 5 Bits for Dressage

Posted by Charmae Bell on Sep 30, 2020

Losing marks in dressage?

Is your horse resistant, inconsistent or dull to the rein?

We help more dressage horses than anyone else - and we consistently achieve HIGHER scores for our clients with the perfect bitting solution. Could you be our next success story?

Here are my top 5 for Dressage!

**And don't forget we sell all of our metal bits with optional 30 Day Bit Trial Insurance, meaning you can try the bit RISK FREE and return the bit for a FULL refund or exchange within 30 days!

1. Neue Schule Verbindend (BUY NOW)

FOR LEANING/ON THE FOREHAND - The Neue Schule Verbindend is one of our miracle bits for helping horses who are heavy on the forehand, resistant to the aids or getting the tongue over the bit without severity as a side effect. It is also helpful for riders looking for more refinement, bend and fine tuning in the lateral work. Your horse will be immediately more lifted from the shoulder with complete freedom of the tongue to encourage full range of hindquarter action and a true self carriage and feel of working through.

2. Neue Schule Turtle Top Eggbutt (BUY NOW)

FOR FUSSY OVERACTIVE MOUTHS - The Turtle Top Eggbutt sits very still and stable in the mouth. This mouthpiece has a clever locking action meaning when the horse pushes it up with the tongue the bit mouthpiece locks and stops moving - making it not as fun or stimulating to play with. This bit also uses no downward tongue pressure, so it allows complete freedom of the tongue to encourage a relaxed mouth and jaw.

3. Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt (BUY NOW)

FOR INCONSISTENT CONTACT The uniquely curved mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew, salivate and relax the jaw. - The eggbutt cheek supports the contact in the corners of the lips, keeping the mouthpiece a little stiller which can assist with horses that are fussy in the mouth. The join in the centre is angled forward, as with the KK Ultra to encourage a seeking, consistent contact.

4. Trust Flexi-Soft Eggbutt (BUY NOW)

FOR HORSES BEHIND THE BIT - A super soft, flexible mouthpiece with NO movement thanks to the eggbutt sides. This bit is great for those really soft horses who don't like any contact or are sensitive or reactive to metal. The pliable and flexible non-toxic material really builds the horses confidence in the bit and encourages them to take a firmer contact.

5. Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Snaffle (BUY NOW)

FOR HORSES ABOVE THE BIT/HEAD TOSSING - The Tactio is SO unique in the way it uses no pressure on the lower jaw OR tongue. It's an incredibly kind bit that has had fantastic results on horses with high head carriage.

If you are unsure which bit would suit your horse best, you can book your FREE consultation with one of our bitting specialists or click here to find an accredited bit fitter in your area!