Neue Schule Waterford Snaffle 8029

Neue Schule

- Does your horse lean or pull? Does he fully understand the aids but continue to ignore you?  Do you hvae an independant seat with sensitive hands?  The NS Waterford can help give you back some control while eradicating the pulling and fighting that causes damage.
- New design incorporates a slimmer mouthpiece and a shelf for the lips to rest eliminating rubs.
- The mouthpiece bends in all directions to suit most mouthconformations.
- This is NOT a bit for the novice horse or rider and should be used with knowledge.

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makes erratic horses controlable
Written by B.Rose on 10th Jan 2013

hi this bit turned my harness racing horse from a crazy horse to now a gentleman it takes 3-4 days for them to adjust,i have since purchased 4 more Highly Recommend.