Neue Schule Full Cheek Snaffle 8023FC

Neue Schule

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Reinforces the turning aid and helps with straightness
- Good snaffle bit for faster work as it will not slide across the mouth.  Also good for young horses as will not pull through in a panic situation.
- The upper cheeks may be fixed to the cheek pieces to stabilise the bit further in the mouth.
- The fixed full cheeks on this snaffle bit assist with keeping the bit stiller in the mouth, which can assist with encouraging a more consistent contact or help with riders with unsteady hands.
- When a contact is taken, the angled Tranz lozenge rolls down onto the center of the tongue (the sweet spot) enhancing feel and responsiveness, leading to a higher level of communication through the rein aid.
- The arms are curved and in an oval shape, taking up less room in the mouth but with the same bearing surface for the horse's perspective.
- This makes this bit a great all purpose, gentle training snaffle suitable for a wide variety of purposes, and will suit a wide variety of mouth conformations.
- Dressage Legal.
- 8023FC with a 16mm Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece.

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NS Bit
Written by Karen Withell on Sep 17, 2019

This bit has had great effect from day one and the horse seems to love it. highly recommended!

NS full cheek
Written by jodie on Jan 20, 2017

Early days but horse seems to really like it! Great for training, encourages him to reach down, and relax into the contact, Lots of froth. Aids in steering and not worried about bit coming through when lunging or riding.

Beautiful to ride in!
Written by Tahlia on Feb 22, 2016

This is the best bit i have ever ridden with! My horse loved it instantly and was softer and more generous with his mouth. The contact from it feels steadier, like it sits steady in the mouth, so it is easier to maintain a consistent contact. It made turning easier, the full cheek means it doesn't slide in the mouth and the pressure on the outside cheek reinforces the outside aid. I was hoping it would be worth the money I spent on it as it's easy to find cheaper bits, but I am very glad that I spent the extra money and bought this brand. It came within days of ordering it and it was beautifully packaged. I am extremely happy with this bit and I would recommend it highly.

Great for ponies and kids alike
Written by Rebecca on Jan 10, 2015

I wanted a kind bit that would allow for better turning control for my daughters on their ponies as the moved up through the SJ and eventing grades. They didn't need a 'hasher' bit, rather just a snaffle with better control in turning. Have just brought a second one for middle daughter and her new pony at Equitana (first daughter and her 14.1 pony have had theirs for about a year).

Excellent Control
Written by Tania Andel on Oct 31, 2011

This bit allows the horse to be focused on the work at hand. It is perfect to training young horses. It allows for even pressure and does not slide.

Perfect for that beginning with youngsters
Written by PVS Training & Equine Services - Pamela Schuler on Oct 31, 2011

I was looking for a soft bit that I could use on my newly broken in youngsters. I wanted something that wouldn't pull through their mouths. The full cheek is great, helps with balance as it doesn't get pulled through the mouth if a horse resists and runs through the aids. All my horses that have used any of the bits in the Neue Schule range accept the bits wonderfully. They chew gently and always come out of their work with foamy mouths. I highly recommend the Neue Schule range and try and use where possible.