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My Top 5 Softest bits!

My Top 5 Softest bits!

Posted by Charmae Bell on Apr 16, 2020

New horse? Young horse? Just want a soft, kind bit for your current horse?

Let me help you bust through the lockdown boredom with some new bitting solutions!

SO much has changed in bitting technology and we are ahead of the game, here are my TOP 5 softest bits!

1. Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Snaffle

The CLOSEST thing to bitless! My FAVOURITE bit right now, this one uses no downward tongue pressure, no pressure on the lower jaw AND takes up very minimal room in the mouth between the tongue and palate whilst still using a very soft 16mm weight bearing surface area on the lips.

2. Trust Inno-sense Port Mouth Snaffle

RELAX the jaw! A soft non-metal alternative to the horse that needs tongue relief. The loose ring has an instant release from pressure and allows the horse to maintain contact with the bit laying in a neutral position in the mouth.

3. Bombers Elliptical Dressage Loose Ring Bridoon

Gentle tongue pressure, ergonomic design! This bit is great for horses who struggle to take the contact, its flattened lozenge sits beautifully still on the tongue and the unique curvature of the bit arms will help a horse that is a little resistant at times.

4.Neue Schule Tranz Angled Eggbutt Snaffle 8023E

Our NUMBER ONE bit for contact issues! Develops the horses confidence in the bit and encourages a forward, seeking stretch into the contact. Excellent for lengthening a short, tense neck. The GENIUS of the tranz angled design is in the oval shaped bit arms, this means that there is MUCH LESS metal in the mouth while still using a 16mm weight bearing surface area!

5. Nathe Standard Snaffle Bit 1786

The trusty Nathe! A super soft, pliable, FLEXIBLE rubber snaffle with an ergonomic design made to allow room for the tongue. Excellent for horses who just wont accept any bit!

And don't forget our AMAZING bit acceptance butters to apply on your bit EVERY ride! These all natural balms encourage bit acceptance and salivation, protecting the mouth and making bitting a very pleasant experience for your horse!

Did you know you can book in to speak with a bitting specialist about your horse and get a completely personalised bitting recommendation? BOOK NOW or EMAIL US