Trust Innosense Port Mouth Snaffle


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New from Trust Equestrian! *Dressage legal*

The Innosense port mouth provides tongue relief and comfort to a sensitive or fussy mouthed horse. Also brilliant for a horse who is uncomplicated and you want something kind and soft. Available in 'medium' material.

Bits from the Inno Sense line can be used for every horse and particularly suitable for young horses and/or horses with a sensitive mouth. The synthetic material is FDA approved, which means the material does not contain plasticizers and is non-toxic to people and animals. In addition, the flexi- and mullen model of the Inno Sense Bits line are solid because of the application of a core of stainless steel. Horses that are ridden with an Inno Sense Bit follow the hand easily and accept the bit smoothly

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Early days but happy horse
Written by Fiona on Feb 22, 2019

Purchased for my super sensitive, teeth grinding gelding. Only had a couple of rides with it so far but he's much quieter in his frothy mouth so far.