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My Top 5 Bits for OTT Thoroughbreds!

My Top 5 Bits for OTT Thoroughbreds!

Posted by Charmae Bell on Apr 18, 2020

Fussy mouth? Leaning? Pulling? Tongue over the bit? Grinding the bit? Just off the track and not sure where to start?

We LOVE our OTT horses here at Bit Bank and we have all the answers to your bitting problems wether its the re-training phase or elevating their education, we know what works!

Here are my TOP 5 OTT Thoroughbred bits! 

1. Neue Schule Turtle Top Snaffle 


The BEST bit for a an overactive 'chompy' mouth and grinding. The Turtle Top uses NO downward tongue pressure which is VERY important as OTT horses are often tongue tied or put in ring bits/anti-rearing devices that use extreme tongue pressure. The Turtle Top has a unique locking link that means the bit turns into a mullen mouth and stops being 'fun' to play with when the horse pushes it to the roof of the mouth. Also available in an Eggbutt and Dee for extra stability.

2. Bombers Happy Tongue Eggbutt Snaffle 

A wonderful bit for extreme tongue issues. The Happy Tongue is curved AND ported to it lays beautifully in a small TB mouth. This genius design is thicker at the lips edge to protect their sensitive thinner lips but narrows out through the middle to take up as little room as possible between the tongue and palate. The sweet iron encourages salivation and relaxation of the jaw.

3. Bombers Elliptical Dressage Snaffle

An excellent bit for the horse who can be behind the bit but then strong or resistant. Gentle even tongue pressure, ergonomically curved design! This bit is great for OTT who struggle to take the contact, its flattened lozenge sits beautifully still on the tongue and the unique curvature of the bit arms will help a horse that is a little resistant at times.

4. Neue Schule Verbindend Hunter Dee

I love this bit for an OTT who is resistant, strong, leaning on the bit or reefing the reins. We also recommend this one to overcome tongue evasions or locking the jaw. The Verbindend uses no tongue pressure and works mainly off the lower jaw, BUT, as soon as the horse releases and comes into a lovely soft contact it is rewarded with a complete freedom of the tongue so it is a very very comfy bit too.

5. Bombers Moulded Mullen Eggbutt Snaffle

A lovely soft, flexible non metal alternative that is not too thick in small TB mouths! The moulded mullen is also flattened through the middle to take up as minimal room as possible without being thin or sharp. It has a metal safety core for your protection.

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