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The Happy Tongue is a solid mouth piece. It is curved and ported to give tongue relief. The Happy Tongue would be a good place to start if your horse is:

  • Shaking its head
  • Sticking its tongue out
  • Sucking its tongue back and as a result making an intermittent coughing noise
  • Trying to put its tongue over the bit
  • Going behind the bit to avoid the contact
  • Snatching the reins forward and down

The rider will know immediately if this is the correct bit, as a horse with a sensitive tongue will finally begin to work into, and accept the contact.

The eggbutt provides much needed stability to the inconsistent horse. 65mm ring size

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Bombers Happy Tongue. Love it
Written by Donna on Nov 05, 2020

This bit is softening me and my horse. Love it.

Purchase Review
Written by Carolyn Ward on Feb 04, 2020

Great product and quality. Very happy with contact and updates on postage. Took advantage of Zip pay. Would purchase from Bit Bank again.

Bombers Happy Tongue Eggbutt
Written by Meagan on Oct 22, 2019

My horse was sitting heavy in the contact and often behind the vertical, since changing to the happy tongue she has been much more supple and even in the contact - increasing her train-ability and also her scores. Very glad i gave this bit a go! it is a game changer.