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The Williams cheekpiece allows for multiple rein positions. If connected to the main ring the bit acts as a loose ring, but when connected to the bottom ring it promotes pole flexion by creating more positive poll pressure. The Williams cheekpiece helps to prevent drifting.

The Happy Tongue is a solid mouth piece. It is curved and ported to give tongue relief. The Happy Tongue would be a good place to start if your horse is:

  • Shaking its head
  • Sticking its tongue out
  • Sucking its tongue back and as a result making an intermittent coughing noise
  • Trying to put its tongue over the bit
  • Going behind the bit to avoid the contact
  • Snatching the reins forward and down

The rider will know immediately if this is the correct bit, as a horse with a sensitive tongue will finally begin to work into, and accept the contact. Changing the cheekpieces would then allow the rider to adjust the level of control.

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Bombers Williams Happy tongue
Written by Bridget Hone on Jun 10, 2020

I had tried many bits on my strong hunter he wasn't happy in any of them and with your advice gave this a go. He obviously doesn't like tongue pressure and it works! He really lathers up in it and seems happy. It is a bit nothing like anything else I have had used, but it seems to work. Thank you.

Really live this hit
Written by Anna on Jun 06, 2020

My horse is significantly happier in the bombers tongue ported bits. Much more still and consistent with the contact. I like this but for the extra control with showjumping

horse bit
Written by Brenda on Jun 02, 2020

I would like to thank you for the great service and highly recommend you

Worth every penny! Bombers Williams Happy Tongue
Written by Susan Cunningham on Jul 29, 2019

I had been riding him in a Happy Mouth 4 ring dutch gag which gave me brakes set on first ring. He was mouthy and still didn't notice when it was set as snaffle. He has a very thick tongue as do many Baroque breeds and the rubber bar was chewed up quickly. So I wanted a bit with ported bar but no rubber, and still with some leverage if needed. THIS WORKS BEAUTIFULLY. He is happy to accept the bit and responds willingly. No longer mouthy when tacking up, almost goes to sleep. Excellent!