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My Top 5 Bits for Jumping

My Top 5 Bits for Jumping

Posted by Charmae Bell on May 27, 2020

"JUMP ALL THE THINGS!" If this sounds like your horse, you'll love this weeks top 5!

Its so common, calm a as a cucumber on the flat, then once they see those fences...Its so common, calm a as a cucumber on the flat, then once they see those fences..... and you're left feeling like you just don't have enough in the snaffle - things could get wild!

In all cases, we don't even need to go to a severe bit. Just changing up the pressure within the mouth or over the horses head can be enough to help you in those times when your horse gets a little bit frisky over fences without offending or harming the horse in any way!

Here are my top 5 for jumping! 

1. Neue Schule Tranz Angled Universal 

Control WITHOUT severity - My FAVOURITE bit for jumping. The tranz angled mouthpiece maintains a consistent gentle pressure in the mouth while the universal creates mild leverage to control the stride and stop the head toss before or after the fence. Also helps with turning due to the independent side movement. This bit is so VERSATILE, with multiple rein options and the ability to add a curb strap it really is universal. Bit up or bit down as the situation requires. A great step-up from a snaffle!

Image of Neue Schule Tranz Angled Universal 8023U

2. Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag

The 4 in 1 is essentially a bevel bit, but it has these really clever spades on the side that prevent pinching, rubbing and stop the bit sliding through the mouth. This one is great when control is not the issue but the rider needs help achieving an outline (small rider/big horse combo). And it helps amazingly well for a horse who suffers rubs and splits from normal leverage bits.

Image of Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag

3. Trust Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal

Control for the SENSITIVE mouthed horse. Control for the horse who is offended by everything - a soft flexible non-toxic mouthpiece combined with the mild leverage action of the universal. By taking pressure out of the mouth and making it softer we achieve a better result as this horse is no longer reacting negatively as a result of pain or discomfort.

Image of TRUST Flexi-Soft 2.5 Ring Universal

4. Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Elevator

Sit them on their hocks and turn them in tight! Great for the horse who is travelling low down in front, helps to get the head up without the need for a running gag. The elevator side acts as a full cheek so perfect for getting the horse sharp and nimble in those speed rounds! Super versatile, multiple rein options AND you can add a curb strap if necessary.

Image of Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Elevator 8023NS

5. Bombers Happy Tongue Williams

When precision is Key! Tried the others? Still not quite hitting the mark? The williams cheek piece is very fast acting, great for the dull horse or in those situations where response and action is crucial. Great for the slightly stronger horse while still being mindful to be neutral and soft on the tongue within the mouth.

Image of Bombers Williams Happy Tongue

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