Double Bridle Sets - Slimma, Warmblood, Sprenger KK, Verbindend
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Double Bridle Sets

To help make your choice a little simpler, here are some common combinations of weymouth and bridoon that we regularly recommend with great sucess.  These sets are a special price when purchased from this page, saving you money!  For more detailed assistance, please call the advice line on: 0439 825 670.

  • Consistent Contact Double Bit Set **New!**

    Consistent Contact Double Bit Set **New!**

    Contact and collection without resistance! Very popular all purpose, gentle, ergonomically designed double set, promotes a softer more consistent contact.  The Aachen Weymouth is designed to encourage the horse to lower...

  • Fussy Mouth Double Bit Set **New**

    Fussy Mouth Double Bit Set **New**

    Is your horse fussy and overactive in the mouth? Is he inwardly fixated on the presence of the doubles and not focussing fully on the rein aids? - This revolutionary new weymouth design has proven to be an excellent solution...

  • Super Sensitive Double Bit Set **New**

    Super Sensitive Double Bit Set **New**

    A simple, gentle combination which takes up very little room in the mouth.  Ideal for horses which are strong, but sensitive or smaller built horses/ponies with tongue issues. Does your horse have insufficient room...

  • Thoroughbred Double Bit Set **New!**

    Thoroughbred Double Bit Set **New!**

    A tried and tested double combo now available as one of our great value popular double sets. Combining the slightly thicker Eggbutt bridoon for comfort and stability with the very kind and low profile Thoroughbred weymouth...

  • Slimma Double Bits Set

    Slimma Double Bits Set

    A popular choice for your horse's first double bridle, or an elegant, lightweight set for a hack.- Combining the NS Slimma Weymouth with a gentle port and 14mm mouthpiece thickness with the NS Tranz Angled Bridoon, also a...

  • Start Softly Double Bit Set

    Start Softly Double Bit Set

    - This is an ideal set for moving horses from a snaffle into a double bridle.  The mouthpiece of the Starter Weymouth forms a wide, low bridge over the tongue which takes pressure away from the sensitive outer edges of...

  • NS Warmblood Double bit set

    Warmblood (or "tricky tongue") Double Bit Set

    A very good set for a horse with a very fat tongue, or is slightly heavier in the hand.- Combining the NS Warmblood Weymouth with a forward tilting wide port and 14mm mouthpiece thickness with the NS Verbindend Bridoon, with...

  • Sprenger KK Double Bit Set

    Sprenger KK Double Set

    A classic Sprenger combination popular with dressage competitors across the world.- Featuring the Sprenger KK Ultra Bridoon with 14mm thickness, and the Sprenger KK Weymouth with an 18mm thickness mouthpiece and 7cm shanks.-...

  • NS Slimma Weymouth and Verbindend Double Bridle set

    Verbindend "Helper" Double Bit Set

    A little extra help for the rider with a horse that is very prone to be on the forehand and heavy in front.- Combining the lightweight, fine mouth Slimma Weymouth 7cm shanks, with the popular Verbindend Bridoon in a 12mm...

  • Pony Double Bit set

    Pony Double Bits Set

    Stainless steel double bit set suitable for showing.- Lightweight, highly polished stainless steel set.- Weymouth features a 5cm shank and 8mm thick mouthpiece.- Bridoon features 40mm rings and 10mm thick mouthpiece. Sizes:...


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