Slimma Double Bits Set

Neue Schule
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A popular choice for your horse's first double bridle, or an elegant, lightweight set for a hack.
- Combining the NS Slimma Weymouth with a gentle port and 14mm mouthpiece thickness with the NS Tranz Angled Bridoon, also a 14mm Mouthpiece.
- This combination gives the horse a lightweight set of bits, both designed to sit unobtrusively in the mouth.  The Tranz Bridoon is a good shape and thickness to encourage a good contact and prevent the horse backing off the hand.
- A very simple and elegant set that is well suited to the horse with no real issues in the snaffle, nor any issues with mouth confirmation.
- Elegant 7cm shanks well suited to both dressage or the show ring. 
- One of our most popular double bridle bit set combinations.
- Includes the curb chain and a lip strap in this set at this special all inclusive price. 

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need).


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what a big difference!
Written by Jane on Apr 18, 2016

Well I was ready to start my Arabian Warmblood in a double and was given a stock standard bit set and double bridle from a friend who no longer had a use for it. My horse continually swished his tail and wanted to argue the whole first ride , second and even the third. I had no contact hardly with my curb rein . It was just the added bulk in his mouth he was very unhappy about. To the point of being quite rude. I got online and ordered the slimma double bit set and from the moment I put it on him all his grumpiness had gone. Happy Horse means a happy rider.

Beautiful bit set for galloway with small mouth
Written by Sue Williams on Oct 23, 2015

My Galloway works so well in a snaffle but couldn't cope with the double bits I had, so I contact Bit Bank and Charmae was so helpful. I brought this set and as soon as the bits arrived I was thrilled with the quality and lightness of these bits. They fit my horses mouth so well and already he is much better with the double on. So worth the money. Thank you for the support and follow up emails to see if all is going well with the bits.

Great advice and a great start
Written by Sally-Ann Piggott on Feb 12, 2015

I went to speak to The Bit Bank at Equitana to ask what I should go with with my horse starting in a double bridle. I was recommended this slimma set which on her first time of having it in her mouth she was very happy. I am grateful for the advice and fantastic service from Bit Bank Australia. Great work!

Brilliant double set for small galloway
Written by Libby Guest on Feb 06, 2015

These bits are just brilliant with my small galloway mare - neat, light and not bulky. Also the lower port on the weymouth and bradoon mouthpiece are very kind for the sensitive mouth. A winner from the first ride!

these bits are amazing!
Written by Dianne Oakes on Jan 10, 2015

These bits are light and slim and fit perfectly with the correct 1/4 inch difference size between the bit and bridoon which is amazingly quite difficult to get! My horse is sensitive and has a fine mouth with shallow roof and these bits fit great and his jaw is moist and chewing and his poll is relaxed,he has been happy in it from the first introduction to it. The Salox surface warms quickly and encourages salivation. Thank you Neue Schule and Bit Bank Australia