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Start Softly Double Bit Set

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- This is an ideal set for moving horses from a snaffle into a double bridle.  The mouthpiece of the Starter Weymouth forms a wide, low bridge over the tongue which takes pressure away from the sensitive outer edges of the tongue and distributes it far more evenly across the tongue. The simple 8022 Bridoon is a nice 14mm thickness and will sit even and comfortable in the mouth.
- The clever design of the weymouth promotes the horse to lower his head and lengthen through the neck into a soft, maintained outline helping younger horses to become correctly established through the transition into a double bridle. 
- The weymouth mouthpiece is a continual 16mm diameter which occupies minimal room between the tongue and the upper palate helping the horse to become more consistent. 
- The weymouth sits far back over the lesser sensitive part of the tongue to ensure that a mild action is employed to gain a correct contact is established.  The Bridoon is well matched, and these two go very nicely together.  A great option if you are currently using a KK Ultra style training snaffle, or the NS 8023 snaffle, and have a well established, consistent contact during your snaffle work.

- Both bits are dressage legal, includes the curb chain.

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need).  Please note, should you be ordering a 5" set, you will receive both bits as a 5" as this is the smallest available size currently in these styles.

 This comfortable, gentle combination promotes relaxed acceptance, encouraging the horse to lengthen the neck, softening into a consistent sustainable contact.

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    Bit review

    Posted by Lisa Blackbourn on Jun 01, 2020

    Love this bit set. My horse has just turned 7 & it was his first time in double bits. He loved them. No fuss. No drama. Gave a really good feel. Nice slim, light set that suits his smaller mouth