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The revolutionary WTP bits now available through Bit Bank Australia!

A humane alternative to tongue tie! A well constructed racing Ring Bit with award winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and comfort for the horse.

Get your hands on the most talked about and recommended bit in the horse world at the moment, list of benefits include:

* Joint arms cannot hinge downward, preventing pain to the Palate, tongue and bars of the mouth.

* Flat cenre plate prevents pinching and eliminates bit pressure by up to 85%

* Prevents horse wanting to put its tongue over the bit

* Proven to help with Headshaking, pulling, bolting, leaning, rearing, chewing on the bit and griding teeth

* Creates a soft responsive contact

* Great for young horses or fussy horses

*Stops respiratory noise

*Eliminate the need for tongue tie

*Increases oxygen supply

*Proven to prevent lung bleeding (EIPH)

Available in 4.5" and 5" make your purchase with comfort by taking advantage of the 30 day Trial!

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Highly Reccomend
Written by undefined on Aug 08, 2016

I use this bit on all of my horses (thoroughbred racers) and have noticed significant improvement. Horses seem much more comfortable and it has reduced, if not eliminated 'hanging' in races. This bit has also helped with horses that have a tendancy to choke down or get their tongue over but do not appreciate the tongue tie. I am yet to find a horse that does not benefit from the use of the WTP bit.