Winning Tongue Plate WTP Lightweight Loose Ring


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The revolutionary WTP bits now available through Bit Bank Australia!

A well constructed lightweight loose ring with award winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and comfort for the horse.

Get your hands on the most talked about and recommended bit in the horse world at the moment, list of benefits include:

* Joint arms cannot hinge downward, preventing pain to the Palate, tongue and bars of the mouth.

* Flat cenre plate prevents pinching and eliminates bit pressure by up to 85%

* Prevents horse wanting to put its tongue over the bit

* Proven to help with Headshaking, pulling, bolting, leaning, rearing, chewing on the bit and griding teeth

* Creates a soft responsive contact

* Great for young horses or fussy horses

Available in 4", 4.5" which comes with 40mm rings. Plus 5", 5.5" and 6" which comes with 65mm rings make your purchase with comfort by taking advantage of the 30 day Trial!


*Only available in normal plate, please contact us if you wish to order the extended plate*

**These bits are currently not Dressage legal but are under review with the FEI and subsequent bodies for approval**

Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
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Written by Maggie on Sep 03, 2020

I have used this bit before with great success, so bought a new one for new horse. Horse’s acceptance was good, but I am not as happy with the finish of the bit. There are sharp edges where the bit meets the rings.

WTP loose ring
Written by Sabrina Maack on Jul 14, 2020

Highly recommend this product - my ott tb loves it! The service from bitbank is also spot on, great recommendations and prompt delivery. Thanks team!

Bit review
Written by Kim on Nov 14, 2019

Absolutely love this bit for my pony, she has a small mouth and this is perfect as there is no bulk and is so soft.

Written by undefined on Feb 08, 2016

My Off the Track Throughbred mare is very sentive in the mouth and tends to be really reactive to the slighest movement in my hands and fingers which can make her appear bridle lame. She always had to be ridden in a hanaveran noseband previously Evan when she raced, if I took it off I would lack a lot of control in the canter it was a mess.. In a normal snaffle bit used previously she would stand still and shake the bit around in her mouth when standing in the line ups or parked. She also did this in the barriers when she raced. I always looked at it as a nervous bad habit. But since using the WTP bit she is not doing this trait nearly as much or at all. Since changing her to the WTP bit range she is a lot more comfortable in work and relaxed , there is a lovely steady connection form the bit to my hands and she is been ridden comfortably without the hanaveran nose band, in just a cavasion which is more disable for the show ring in the long term. Over all nothing but impressed with this bit.

great results
Written by Lia Blacket on Aug 21, 2015

from the first ride my mare was much more relaxed and accepting in the WTP snaffle, no head tossing and good salivation

Maybe/maybe not!
Written by undefined on Mar 27, 2015

My WBX mare tends to bore down on the bit in downward transitions and can get heavy in my hands. I normally ride her on a jointed snaffle with a lozenge. I have ridden her now several times on the WTP snaffle and I feel that she is marginally lighter and less inclined to lean on the WTP bit in trot-to-walk or walk-to-halt. Not a stunning difference though.