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The Sprenger WH has proved very sucessful for horses that have a tendancy to put their tongue over the bit, or thoses that have a busy mouth.
- The WH ultra snaffle is a slightly unusal, yet highly sucessful dressage legal snaffle. The WH ultra is similar in design to the original Sprenger KK ultra, but the centre lozenge contains a small wheel also known as a roller that gives the horses a far greater feeling of freedom with his tongue.  
- The WH Ultra is recommended for horses that are unresponsive to the rein aids.  The tongue is gently stimulated by the additonal roller, encouraging the horse to relax into the hand and stay focused on the rein aids from the rider.
 - Made from Sprenger's Aurigan mouthpiece with stainless steel rings, FEI dressage legal.
- 16mm mouthpiece with 70mm rings.

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This is a fantastic bit to get the horse to chew and soften their jaw
Written by Claire on Nov 02, 2011

I use this bit on my thoroughbred mare and she just loves it. I find that she is constantly chewing on the bit which relaxes her jaw and brings her easily on the bit - and she is not even that educated yet! I highly recommend this bit and all sprenger bits for that matter.