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This correctional bit helps to improve the submissiveness and is also good for horses with a sore or damaged palate.
- The Sprenger KK Correction bit has been designed for horses with a tendency to pull, horses which jerk the reins out of the riders hand and horses which lie on the bit. 
- Sprenger says this bit will give "immediate imrpovement to horses that are too strong or willfull."
- Horses which tend to headshake in a jointed bit but pull on a straight bar often go well in the Sprenger KK Correctional bit.
- This bit has a very direct action, and Sprenger says it can be used to introduce horses to an unjointed mouthpiece, for example, when about to transition into a double bridle.
- Mouthpiece made from Aurigan with Stainless steel loose rings.
- 18mm mouthpiece with 70mm rings.
- NB: This bit has recently been changed to not being approved for EA dressage. (March 2013)

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Better contact
Written by David on Feb 22, 2017

I purchased this bit to gain a better response for fast work. The extra contact and decreased pressure on the tongue has achieved this and more. So glad I made the purchase. The bit arrived quickly and bang on time. I will be ordering more bits from Bit Bank in preference to other suppliers.

Excellent bit
Written by Carla on Feb 22, 2013

Having a young horse that didn't like accepting the bit, this has been instrumental in his training.

Where else would you look for a bit but Bit Bank?
Written by Anne McClure on Oct 31, 2011

Hey Anita. Just wanted to say how amazing your new website is. I am finding so many bits there that I have never heard about and I know for sure that I will be visiting you at Equitana. I have a horse that is not accepting his current bit well. There is a distinct lack of throughness. Reading up on the bits featured on the website I have realised that we could find a bit much more suitable to help his resistances. How fantastic to finally have so many quality bits to compare so easily!