Neue Schule Slimma Show Pelham 8015/7SHP

Neue Schule

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NEW! Do you want to create the illusion of a double bridle without using two bits?  Is your horse uncomfortable with two bits but you prefer the look for showing?
- The NS Show Pelham is the perfect solution.  With loose rings to give some play and lightness to the feel and a very elegant shank design this is a very stylish bit while being very comfortable for those horses unhappy in a double.
- Lightweight, with a 14mm mouthpiece and 7cm shank.
- The loose ring can assist with those horses that tend to fix and lean in a normal pelham.
- The lightweight Slimma Mouthpiece is very unobtrusive and comfortable, giving relief and avoiding any contact with the palate.
- This port shape is very well suited to the finer type of horse, such as TB's, or those with a thinner tongue.

- 8015/7SHP 14mm mouthpiece, available from 5" to 6" in size.  (can also be called a Rugby Pelham)

A very elegant pelham bit- most would be hard pressed to pick that this is not a double set when seen in a workout.

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Bit review
Written by Susan Page on Oct 29, 2020

Very impressed with this bit, after trying so many combinations of bits on my mare. She has a very low pallet and I have found she accepts and works giving contact and lightness in the Pelham bit. So happy we won’t be changing this bit for her.