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Neue Schule Show Pelham 8028/7SHP (ported)

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Do you want to create the illusion of a double bridle without using two bits?  Is your horse uncomfortable with two bits but you prefer the look for showing?
- The NS Show Pelham, featuring the Warmblood Port, is the perfect solution.  With loose rings to give some play and lightness to the feel and a very elegant shank design this is a very stylish bit while being very comfortable for those horses unhappy in a double.
- To be fitted onto your double bridle, rather than onto a snaffle bridle like a normal pelham bit.
- Lightweight, with a 14mm mouthpiece and an elegant 7cm shank.
- A forward tilted port allows room for the tongue, giving relief and avoiding any contact with the palate.
- This port shape is more suited to the fatter tongued horse (such as Warmblood, welsh crosses) rather than finer horses.  TB's for example, would be better suited to the Slimma Version of this bit.
- The loose ring can assist with those horses that tend to fix and lean in a normal pelham.

- 8028/7SHP 14mm mouthpiece available in 5" to 6" in size.  (can also be called a Rugby Pelham)